After having a romance with rebel leader Ka Noli Joem Bascon , she becomes pregnant, and is captured and detained in a female prison for political activists. For those wondering about that mysterious citation, the award was chosen by a group of viewers privileged to see all 10 entries way before the gala premieres at Shangri-La Cineplex. In this movie guide, you can find the most important information about TV films and premieres in 3D in the U. Cinema ’76 Film Society Movie Theater. Published November 14, September 13, Please, contact us for any questions.

Screening Date and Time: Obvious na ayaw magpahalik, at makipaglove scene ng lola mo. The full HD movies are not available for free streaming. Enter the email adress associated with your account, and we’ll email you a link to reset your password. Even though she has seen first-hand the abuses by the minions of Marcos, she remains apolitical and just serves the people in her own unique way. Ka Oryang is a student who witnesses the beginnings of a revolution during the early years of Martial

The culmination of the film is in the visualizing the strength of women to endure and their capacity for self-sacrifice. Aside from de la Paz, young martyr Ma. Heavy handed yung drama.

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Unlike in the aforementioned movies where audiences could easily empathize with her characters, here, the audience is left with not much sympathy. Most of these tales are said to be based on real-life experiences of Martial Law victims. Sign in to your account. We also accept walk-ins. Published November 14, Oryajg 13, Check out these positive feedback and watch it at the home of Filipino films, Cinema Centenario! Ka Oryang is a organg to those young people who gave up their lives fighting the dark forces of Marcos.


A surprising documentary footage shows President Ferdinand Marcos and family hobnobbing with and charming the socks off of Chinese leader Mao Zedong.

orhang Save for one shocking scene where one detainee is interrogated as she lays naked on a block of ice, the torture scenes feels rather contrived. Continue to reset your password on FHM.

Movie Review: Ka Oryang

Proceed with Caution Pinoy Rebyu Score: But these time-lapsed skies and uncomfortable close-ups only add to the depressing and unsettling tone that the movie wants to deliver. Lorena Moviie is another peg for the character of Gregoria. A reset link has been sent to your email! The supposed subversive nature of the characters was watered-down to say the least.

Orysng like how Siri paralleled what these ladies had to undergo with animals pig giving birth in a cage, the fish in the end, etc — too blatant a metaphor for how they were treated but it worked.

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Open the email in your inbox. Too much focus on torture.

For inquiries and ticket reservations, please contact and provide the following information:. Cinema ’76 Film Society Movie Theater. Subscribe to our Newsletter! Sari Lluch Dalena Writers: A mother is shot point-blank in front of her kid. Sections of this page. This is not a weakness of the film for it is similar to the case of slain student leader Edjop, who mysteriously shunned his privileged background to take up arms.


Howling Wilderness – The film is filled with lush cinematography. Once Upon a Song Barbie: A young woman witnesses the beginnings of a revolution during Martial Law.

Without commercial breaks, the full movie Ka Oryang has a duration of minutes; the official trailer can be streamed on ortang Internet. Every day we add the best movies for you to decide what you want to buy or rent and watch on TV.

Ka Oryang (NR)

So see it we did, but sadly, we were quite disappointed. It creates a pretty big problem in tone.

Widespread human rights abuses during the Marcos period pushed people to join the revolutionary movement. Otherwise, reservation is forfeited. However despite some technical feat, I felt that the movie was rather vacant and empty.

Howling Wilderness – Movie.

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This site uses cookies. Follow the steps below to reset your FHM. The themes of the film are nothing new: