When he is killed in an accident one day, she finds herself rudely awakened from… [ More ]. Min Ki Seo and Lee Young Shim hated the sight of each other at first but later developed affections along the way during their daily fights and disagreements. About years ago during the time of Chosun Dynasty, Korea boasted a rigidly hierarchical and male dominated social structure. Min Ki… [ More ]. Dae Jang Geum Korean Drama. Jun Seol starts a band to get her life back on track.

Hyunhaetan Marriage War Korean Drama. However, they can not love each other freely as their families strongly opposes… [ More ]. A self-serving mythical creature’s bid for invincibility backfires when he finds himself at the mercy of a woman who can see otherworldly beings. He… [ More ]. Gangnam Blues Movie Korean Movie. The drama is about the success story of a woman named Jae-mi Lee Bo-young who divorces her loser husband Jin Yi-han and finds new love with the lawyer hired to… [ More ]. At first unwilling to play his grandfather’s game for control, Jae-in is abrasive and constantly fights with Da-Hyun as they attempt to negotiate the strange turn of events for the better. A would-be singer has been preparing for her career for 3 years.

Episode 2 Korean Drama. He… [ More ]. Up to now we have been used to dramas… [ More ]. Draa would-be singer has been preparing for her career for 3 years.

The drama depicts romance as well as intense competitive rivalry between an anchor and a weather forecaster working together for a television news show. Will the tragedy of spring be repeated years later?


Spring Waltz Korean Drama. Gap Dong Korean Drama. In her school days, thanks to her… [ More ]. Meet a hero ujmong than the myth. Hana Kimi Japanese Drama. The day before her debut she hears some shocking news which throws her into despair. However, they can not korexn each other freely as their families strongly opposes… [ More ]. Meet a hero bigger than the myth. Will King… anme More ]. The story between a Korean man and a Japanese woman who fall in love with each other.

The mind of 18 year old Kang Kyung Joon somehow gets trapped in the body of 30 year old doctor, Seo Yoon Jae, after an accident. A music drama that shows the story of auditions and passion, as well as the birth of stars. Hidden Identity Korean Drama. I Am Sam Korean Drama.

Jumong – Prince of The Legend Episode 29

The story focuses on the conflicts between the young teachers and the problems that high school students have. Eun Chae Ryung is a spoiled daughter who had always completely relied on her father. In Soon is Pretty Korean Drama. A story about rescue workers and emergency medical doctors when a 6.

The heat is on in Investigation 5, an undercover police unit specializing in thwarting violent crimes. Daughter to a sashimi-restaurant-owner mother who loves to… [ More ]. Jejoongwon is the first modern hospital in Korea established in the Joseon era in Kim was not able to… [ More ]. Hyun Ji is a wandering ghost who died when she was year-old.

Besides being looked down upon by rich classmates, she has… [ More ].


King Gwanggaeto the Great – Watch King Gwanggaeto the Great Online – Chia-Anime

I Believe in Love Korean Drama. The story of Hwang Jin Yi, the famous 16th century Gisaeng.

Huh Joon was an illegitimate child of the governor of Pyong… [ More ]. Fair Princess Jungmyung Lee Yeon Hee lives a life of the highest privilege, until her half-brother Prince Gwanghae Cha Seung Won executes the rightful crown prince and usurps the throne. Up to now we have been used to dramas… [ More ].

Watch Jumong – Prince of The Legend Episode 29 English Subbed – Chia-Anime

Caught in this web is Lee Jae-in, one of Chairman Lee’s grandsons, who had worked hard to rise in the corporate world without his grandfather’s help. Bo Young began her career as a teacher in a small village. Renowned across the land as the best gambler in Korea, Dae Gil entices King Yeongji into participating in jorean match that could tear apart the entire Joseon empire.

A westernized Irish adoptee, Joong-Ah inevitably flies back to Korea to confront her past and to see the country she is really from, only to fall in love with her… [ More ].