They all visit the SCRTC Meisters workshop, home to Ken’s family, but his father is angry at him for leaving the country during training. When Ran finds Retu after the fight, she’s shocked to see him as an infant and Jyan is a young child. While the Gekirangers were outmatched by Mere testing her newfound powers on them, Shiyuu took advantage to get revenge on Retu. He then learns that the final Kenma’s heart, the Ikigimo, was removed from his body after his defeat. Crucial Fist Judgement” Transcription: To remedy the anxiety, Xia Fu has Jyan undergo another training session by learning from Ran.

Once the Gekirangers get the hang of dancing with Jyan’s Shuba-Shuba style, they take a rest and watch Natsume’s class practice. Later that night, after Gou returns from a physical check up, the gang were curious about Rio’s condition until Jyan sniffs out the scale Xia Fu found at ruins of Dan’s hometown, feeling he saw it before. Another Retu [ edit ]. Ken realizes that he has alienated himself from the other Gekirangers, with Xia Fu giving him a chance to redeem himself by successfully befriending one of his teammates. Gorie reveals he finished consulting Jyan, sending him off, and then speaks to Gou about how he feels about fitting in with the team. Michelle performs multiple spins on her first turn, not seeing a need for a second. This training, in his eyes, is attempting to dance just like Bat Li.

But Jyan’s need not to be “Boko-Boko” beaten up resulted with the first try a bust. They all visit the SCRTC Meisters workshop, home to Ken’s family, but his father is angry at him for leaving the country during training. However, much to Kata’s distaste, Rageku favors Mere more than Rio.

This turns out to be the Raspberry Diamond, which costs 20 billion yen and attracts the attention of the Blossom-Storm Sisters, a trio of jewel thieves who seek to take the diamond for its beauty.

Making her way to the beach on instructions, Mere managed to tear down the barrier and used the True Poison Fang, being blasted back on land by the shockwave of the resurrection of the revived Sea Kenma: When he learns that Rio evaded the attempt and now leads the Akugata, Gou is angered at hearing the news.

Based in Tokyo, Toei owns and operates thirty-four movie theaters across Japan, studios at Tokyo and Kyoto; and is a shareholder in several television companies. Frog and Mao Code Geass. Her experience with Jyan that allowed Alice to find her own “Kyuikyui”. Ran attempts to use her fast fists but Rio used the Jelly-Ken style to evade her attempt before swiftly defeating her. Xia Fu reveals the orbs to be the Pulse, a qi tied to a person’s age and without it, the two have no memory of their older selves.

He then learns that the final Kenma’s heart, the Ikigimo, was removed from his body after his defeat.


But the Gekirangers’ refusal to give up results with a new formation: Answering Rio’s demands, Long reveals that he did murdered Rio’s family, and wounded Dan, setting up the path for Rio to be conditioned without any emotion but the desire to fight.

Ore no Michi ” Japanese: Miki holds them off until the Gekirangers arrive and counter with their dancing. Then the figure turned around, Retu realizes that it is his supposedly dead older brother: With their new power, Restu and Ran are able to destroy Butoka and Wagataku while Jyan deals a finishing blow to Rio, defeating him. Jyan is able to keep his ground with Xia Fu revealing that an evil Ki is within Gou’s body that evokes the change.

Once the Gekirangers get the hang of dancing with Jyan’s Shuba-Shuba style, they take a rest and watch Natsume’s class practice. While this occurs, Retu helps Sharkie in moving Elehung’s things until they find a diamond he got from a Hong Kong starlet he dated in the past. He initially has trouble, but he eventually realizes that Bat Li’s dancing has no technique. While this occurs, after words fail, Jyan manages to beat some sense into Rio to show him he’s no pawn, giving him a path of his own and a true reason to fight, to stop Long’s cruelty.

Mere accepts and over-powers Ken, who wins barely and Mere accepts defeat. The First Errand [ edit ].

Soon after, Ran learns that Retu and Jyan have no memory while without their kodou, with Ran a bit sadden by it. Not wanting to stand on the sideline, Bae begins to speak to Gou’s human heart, freezing the werewolf Gou in his tracks.

Juken Sentai Gekiranger Episode 19 English Subbed – Gokin-Gokin! Showdown with Rio

Upon this revelation, a Kenma speaks to her, complimenting her about this, as well as informing Mere of her final resting place. Once giving it to Mere, she awards him with her Infinite Violent Waves, but messed up and cause him to enlarge instead. With Xia Fu speculating Gekuranger feelings for his son, enabling Jyan episoode decide not to run away from his troubles and face them head on as a Gekiranger. Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Lists of science fiction television series epis Rio manages to defeat Gorie, who reveals jukn Maku is too powerful for Rio to fight.

But he starts to feel his life starting to fade, as he was brought back by the residual Rinki that Rio used to revived Mere ten years prior.

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This is a list of Juken Sentai Gekiranger episodes. But the two can find their Pulse, so Ran has to care for them as their mother until then. Gou evaded Natsume only to run into Mere, telling her he has no intent to be a Gekiranger while defending himself until he has to save Natsume from an attack. Rio, seeing that his Dorinki is a spark compared to Maku’s, soon leaves while telling Mere not to follow him.


Ran is halted by her mother, who intends to have her child be happy, but Ran apologizes for not accepting her mother’s notion but her path is to protect and takes Reiko to the battlefield.

Dan’s own son, Jyan. Super Sentai’s Message from the Future.

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Meanwhile, after surviving Kata’s training to channel his hatred, a bloodthirsty, berserk Rio attacks the Rinsis with rage to amplify his malice even more until Rio’s hatred became new Rinki, to Mere’s horror.

Member feedback about Tetsu Inada: As the Gekirangers celebrate their victory, an enraged Rio realizes Jyan is the White Tiger’s successor and is more intent on destroying them.

But, by eating her daughter’s favorite food, Miki manages to get Natsume to break Haku’s hold over her, canceling the Gengi on the others. Gorie completes his stack, while an upset Jyan was too frustrated to get one to stand. Crucial Fist Judgement [ edit ] 48 “Saba-Saba!

List of Juken Sentai Gekiranger episodes

Meanwhile, Xia Fu takes the Gekirangers to the ballet much to the dismay of Jyan who falls asleep in boredom huken Ran and to the delight of Retu. Xia Fu adds that it would be more of a victory for Rio to defeat the Gekirangers when they all obtain the Kageki.

Combining their Geki with the Rinki Rio provided them, the three Gekirangers manage to turn the tables on Long, though he still isn’t concerned because they can’t kill him. Though defeated, Hihi enlarged himself and was soon knocked off into the nearby mountain by Geki BatFire.

Though hit by Shiyuu’s Gengi, Retu is not physically harmed. Fiction about size change Revolvy Brain revolvybrain New Zealand male television actors Revolvy Brain revolvybrain s American science fiction television series Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. While this all occurs, Maku overthrows Rio while showing off his Dorinki, which Rio is determined to learn at the cost of his dignity. While the other Gekirangers hold Mere off, Geki Red and Miki find the abducted children and Haku himself, who reveals his schemes.

While wandering through the city, Jyan finds Natsume at a bathhouse looking at the carp windsocks. List of fictional feral children topic Mowgli by John Lockwood Kiplingrepresents the modern idea of a feral child. Next, she competes with Michelle Peng in a challenge of “Technique” where they skateboard in two turns on a half pipe erected on the roof of SCRTC headquarters with an electronic scoreboard.