I usually watch this show on VIKI but have had to turn down the comment section while watching it, just coz everyone is always so sarcastic and angry with the Mains are on: I also can’t seem to fall in love with Joonki the way I did with Changsoo even though he is the lead. So Yoon-ha texts Joon-ki attaching a photo of the news article in case anyone forgot about it , and the two agree to meet later tonight. It would be a win-win situation. Cliche or not, they are more fun to watch. She can hardly say the same of Hyung. It’s good to see that there’s some development in the characters. I felt nothing with Joonki’s little confession at the end

Chang-soo matter-of-factly fires back: I don’t really know if it’s a standard for korean men, but I think the male lead’s make up is much more natural than the second male lead. Yoon-ha imparts the same words of advice her brother once told her: It’s probably because the writer unintentionally built a very strong wall between Joonki and the viewers. It may not be easy for Ji Yi when others look down on her and her friend is no longer near. I felt nothing with Joonki’s little confession at the end Chang Soo and Ji Yi are firecrackers, sure there romance is doomed and going nowhere but they’re selling the hopeless young lovers drawn to each other despite having no direction really well.

I’m starting to lose interest. I like that she can think clearly and answer well in the face of her dad’s harrumphs.


Behaving like that would really hurt someone, especially a friend, Ji-yi declares. Thinks need to happen. In Kdrama, the dead does wub stay dead You put this so well. She snarls that he better not mess with her people ever again, claiming that success is hard work but ruining someone takes only an instant. Seems he’s met his rock.

More of a time filler. Yes, their BTS are so cute and amused.

The actor who plays Daddy Jang is episore quite funny in his own way. Joonki’s character and his chemistry with Yoonha, and Yoonha’s character have been the things that I’m worried about the most throughout the drama.

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The mistress, the mystery. He too was a high school graduate and still claims to be despite earning a college degree later in life.

And on the next episode Joonki made a remark on Changsoo which really made me think that Changsoo is such an interesting character to watch. Originally, because of the bromance as well, but the writers already sank the CSxJK bromantic shipssss. Unlike our pampered Chang-soo, or are they the same? What are we going to do with these two lovesick puppies? What’s weird is that I decided to watch the drama based on UEE and Sung Joon’s kissing previews where they seemed to be sizzling with chemistry!

Oh and please let us know why Kyungjoon died!! He’s not actively trying to change anyone, and he’s not reacting to situations that gravely impact him, he just happens to be caught in the middle of Joon Ki, Yoon Ha and Ji Yi’s stories.


Cliche or not, they are more fun to watch. I am gonna call this series ‘Sexy Hair’. I liked this drama better when it was called Innocent Man. We have a couple more with probably some tough decisions for her coming up, then we shall see again if she sticks to her guns.

Ji-yi sits down to her boss to verbally resign from her part-time job.

These two have zero chemistry. Daphne July 8, at 5: It’s been 10 episodes but I’m still struggling epiaode root for them and their relationship.

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Episode 10 had me squealing in delight for those two. At first glance, main lead story seems to be more interesting but because of their lack of chemistry, I don’t feel invested in their stories. Episodes by LollyPip. The socuety for episode 11 had me squealing too. I mean she’s a smart girl so its irrational that she’d make the decision. Chang-soo seems like he longs for more and more fun.

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He’ll be back later. I imagine him getting older and being like Lee Doek Hwa.

Jenni July 8, at 9: