Nene herself watched her move until it’s Chiari’s turn. As he moped and got mad on what Sanada said to him, the Red Moon starts to brainwash him. He tried to fix it again and the aircon started sucking him in as Ruby and the others tried to pull him out. In Jasper’s place, he’s playing his game as he received the call from Sapphie to come over to fix the aircon and accepts. At the cafe, Kohaku explained to the boys on why he wanted them to teach him to be as cool as them all filled with courage. The other pets were happy and busy making children happy on the street as the boys from the dormitory passed through and Io wanted to be friends with them. The next day, Chiari, Nene and Ruruka were in the Jewelpet Cafe to see signs saying about its renewal opening to the public.

Labra got bored and went to Angela instead, somewhat making Marie angry as the duo left. Nene is asking the three what ideas they should give her, pretty much giving the three a hard time. Later on Garnet cut off the wool on her body and used her magic to create scarfs and body warmers. However he then gave her another chance to take his offer and work for the new cafe, something she is confused on. Taira then arrived in an emergency as he tries to convince the girls to fight back in sales and get their customers back. Chiari, Nene and Ruruka were all walking to school one day discussing about her luck for today.

Back at the cafe, Sapphie explained to the girls that Prase studied theater arts in France by Jewelina’s Orders in order for her to get her own Magic Gem. Later on, Ruby showed her the Jewel Box with the Magic Gems inside which amuses Sakuran on how much gems they collected. Angela told them it’s been 3 hours and is saddening her that she has competition and cried.

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This page was last edited on 4 Februaryat Ruby and the others criticized hers to have no originality whatsoever as Charlotte thinks about this. They all were in assumption why is he wearing Master’s clothes as he let epiisode all inside. Ruby and Chiari heard their screams and they went to where the dragon is, only to see their friends surrounded in flames and the dragon, now possessed by Red Moon, breathing fire to them.

Kaiya converted it into a hot spring bath with her magic before epislde resume their lesson about dancing gracefully. However when they arrive epiode saw a lot of girls waiting in line outside their practice hall and worse of all making Fluola’s present melt.


The others were also doing their job on sending and delivering their letters to everyone.

Charlotte in the other hand is deeply confused on the entire holiday while talking to Ruby and the others, convincing her to down a costume for this year. Garnet is happy on the outcome. Later on, the three decided to see Marie concentrate until she was interrupted by a passing-by fish, which annoys her.

Jewelpet Happiness ep 26 English Sub – Kissanime

She explain the other moon is called the Small Moon of Happiness, which has powers enough to repel the influence of the Red Moon.

Ruby however tried to use her magic to fix the entire thing but the situation became worse. But in the midst of everything, the weather turned to worse as it starts happinesss rain and both Sapphie and Azusa checked on the little rose bud.

She then broke down to tears on their mishaps and runs away, jeweelpet making ebglish others sad and endangering the upcoming performance. Back at the Cafe, two mysterious students surveyed the area and saw the cafeteria being brightly decorated until they saw a lot of students going in the cafe as well as they go into hiding. As he moped and got mad on what Sanada said to him, the Red Moon starts to brainwash him.

Lady Jewelina then visited the cafe and greeted the six pets, also telling Ruby what is happiness and congratulating them on finding the first magic jewel. Back at the lake, Apels is thinking about jedelpet until he found the box Rald’s in and popped out, surprising Apels as he fell off his swan boat.

Marie snaps out of her trance and noticed she’s holding the Magic Gem. Later, Machiko returned to the same room for someone to see her work, but was forced out.

Despite how good the two treat her, Luna still thinks she never achieved her own happiness. The boys looked jewelet the floor to see many presents from their fans and saw some of Taira’s gifts were all cute stuff, embarrassing him to the others.

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Back at the Jewelpet Cafe, the group received a poster regarding Taira’s special coffee in the Rocks Cafe and discussed on which food they should serve to the cafe. The two were deciding to ignore him until he offers them some pudding, but Kosuke interfered and scolded him. Ruruka and Nene noticed everyone’s motivation and happiness as they were then greeted by Jewelina, telling them about Jewel Episoee most famous Blue Bird.

Chiari, Nene and Ruruka were all walking to school one day discussing about her luck for today. Later at the cafe, Kohaku knew it was hard to convince the boys to teach him as he talked to the girls about it. The girls were amazed to see a Hamster Jewelpet before as Sapphie wondered why is she early. It caused a huge commotion in the entire place as Jewelina got out and the Red Moon used its magic again to turn her into epiwode toddler and wanders off.


Later, Titana, Ruby and Garnet were thinking more about what act should they do on the tomorrow’s comedy show until they heard someone scream. And he was very embarrassed about it as he is determined to seek Sanada’s group’s advice. The next day, the girls finished their work and were all tired.

At Marie’s booth, which is decorated in an over the jewellpet fashion, both Marie and Epsode were selling their old stuff as Coal passed by. But during their class, Kohaku, a Shiba Inu Jewelpet barges in and wants him to be their apprentice.

Labra got bored and went to Angela instead, somewhat making Marie angry as the duo left. After her mom came and take her home, she then came back to the park only to see its missing. Nene got it right as she does the next lesson correctly as well. As she regained her composure, she then saw the pink Rabbit and thought she was Ruby until Ruby corrected that she’s holding Luna.

Tata evaded the attack and used his Jewel Magic on it, happinness to bounce back and hit Tata directly, while completely brainwashing him turning him into a large Jewelpet.

Later on, Jewelina is happy to see Nephrite again while Ruby noticed his change of accent. As they learned this, the Jewelpet Cafe and the School Cafeteria started to shine As they talked, Kosuke take his leave and left the place disappointed while his grandfather is eying on Chiari.

Labra reflected on what she said and knew what she’s doing is wrong, until Ruby appears and notified them about Angela ran away, shocking the two and knowing its Labra’s fault. Back to Coal, he himself is having a conversation with Angel, being happy that he has someone to talk to. As both pets were happy, Sapphie herself is getting worried on Garnet’s behavior. She told her some harsh words to Labra as she got angry and is about to blame Ruruka for a crime she didn’t commit.