He sees Ravan walking to a forest where Sita is with her caretaker, and after the King joins his subjects and her caretaker leaves her alone, Sita then bursts into tears, pining for her husband, little knowing that Hanuman is watching her. Vibhishana later pleads with Ravan to release Sita out of fear of impending disaster for Lanka. Then assuming his largest size, he breaks into the mountain and picks it up. Vibhishana tells the crying Rama that he appears to be a coward to the demons and that the morale of his army will fall. Ravan easily moves Rama and pushes Rama away. He wants Rama to suffer. Sita is then slain, which upsets Rama greatly and he starts crying.

Years later, Rama is now having a peaceful time with Sita. During that procession Princess Sita, the King Janaka’s daughter, catches sight of Rama and the two fall in love. Bharata then agrees to rule the Kingdom, and Rama to live 14 years in hardship. He informs Indrajeet is skilled in illusion. It is at that moment that Rama introduces himself and joins the battle. Rama looking up very scared and trembling his wounded hand in fear while his hair is vigorously blowing to the side. Rama uses his arrows to latch onto the arm but is unable to move.

Lakshman and Sita and all the others watch in shock as Rama is presumed dead. The three are relieved at the disappearance of the danger. Ravan then picks up Rama and crushes him very hard.

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In Ravan’s Palace, the King and his council members discuss stilps threat of war. At that moment Jambavan awakes and informs Rama that there are some herbs which could work well, but that they were all the way in the Dronagiri mountains of the Himalayas. He tries to lift the bow but he is struggling and nearly drops it. Archived from the original on 9 June India Post News Service.

The demon collapses and dies and Rama falls. Retrieved from ” https: This page was last edited on 21 Decemberat He screams while his broken bones are growing even more weaker and his black hair is blowing onto his heavily bruised face.


The demon however lives long enough to imitate Rama’s voice and cry stulls for help. Rama is very scared. Kumbhakarna’s great size causes wonder among several of Rama’s soldiers and even Rama is scared.

But far from being happy, the boy is shocked and angered at his mother’s treacherous behaviour and demands to know who manipulated her into doing what she did.

He chases it and gets tired very quickly. Ravan then disguises himself as a rishi and approaches the house to ask Sita for alms. He then tells Bharata that in spite of everything, the wishes of their late father must be respected and adhered to.

Sugriva introduces himself to Rama as an exiled vanara King of Kishkindha who himself has been living apart from his wife for several kovie.

Vibhishana advises Rama that while Kumbhakarna is indeed a mighty opponent he is not unbeatable, and that this would be the opportune moment for Rama to go to battle. He marries Sita, returning with her to Ayodhya.

Rama, his wife and brother then board a sailboat on the banks of the Ganges River. This section’s plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. Fearing the worst, they hurry back home to find Sita gone. Then assuming his largest size, he breaks into the mountain and picks it up. Prahastha, the Chief Minister, assures Ravan that the threat is futile and that Rama’s army along with Rama himself would be finished off. Sita hears the cry and persuades Lakshman to go and help him out.

Vibhishana later pleads with Jambaan to release Sita out of fear of impending disaster for Lanka. Hanuman then gets himself to be captured by the kumbh,son of kumbhkaran brother jambxvan Ravan. Rama then set about building the bridge, after which he proceeds to Lanka where they will movis up base camp not far from the capital city.


Not knowing who Sugriva is, Rama and Lakshman then continue looking jakbavan see a huge palace carved into a hill and decide to go there. During the night, Rama charges towards Kumbhakarna slashing his knee. Indrajeet warns Rama he has time to host a sti,ls for his family before he dies. He informs Indrajeet is skilled in illusion. An angry Ravan then threatens in anger to kill Sita in order to punish her for her devotion to Rama, but is dissuaded by his elder who was against the war in the first place.

He now looks like a poor forest dweller. He informs Rama of Sita’s cries for help movif were heard and shows Rama a collection of her jewels which were dropped from the sky. But he wants to avoid war because he is peaceful. While pretending to be in pain from the fire, Hanuman inadvertently sets fire to a few stalls and buildings in the city before flying away causing Ravan to angrily breakdown.

Rama runs out and looks at his wife.

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The demon screams and Rama is holding on to the arm while getting his whole body scraped onto the demon. Rama repeatedly falls and is now extremely injured.

The battle commences the jambavsn morning and both armies ride up to the battle lines before starting the fight. The Government agreed initially, but later declined his proposal for a bi-nation collaboration, saying the Ramayana is a very sensitive subject and cannot be portrayed as a cartoon.

Prahastha atills the battle, and he goes into a duel with the general of the vanara troops. He is moving very slowly and screaming in. Krishna Shah got involved in the production later in