Then Sainglain enters him in an underground fight ring. Action , Comedy , Fantasy Du The group is relieved that Erec and his Incognito unit believe they are dead, and that they can safely get to the capital with no enemy following them. Selamat menonton, jangan lupa Subscribe, Share and Like. Gustave reports that “DT” is truly dead as Sainglain and Marian move on. Andres Caks Di rilis pada:

Anime and Manga portal. Andres Caks Di rilis pada: Kon goes through the 18 trials for the princess’s upcoming wedding while Erec and Incognito come up with crazy schemes to sabotage his efforts, which only backfire. Things get even more complicated when Limpus and Gabriella Dascas hatch a plot to revive their family name by seducing Erecpyle, and then later drag him into a rigged duel when that plan fails. Back in town, Kon and Sainglain test out their newly acquired “Alma Gear” sword, but are unsure of how to unlock its power. Ixion Saga Episode 8 Subtitle Indonesia.

In the end, Kon’s headphones and Ecarlate’s flower are all that remain of their respective owners. Kon goes through the 18 trials for the episore upcoming wedding while Erec and Incognito come up with crazy schemes to sabotage his efforts, which only backfire. To his surprise, the village treats his glow as a sign that he is a god, and he plays along by acting as the god “Konpika,” delivering them teachings from his knowledge of video games that his party helps to translate.

Animal Land Attack on Titan: Meanwhile, as the party stops to rest in another town, Mariandale and Sainglain are both shocked by the appearance of a cowlick ahoge sprouting sagaa Ecarlate’s head. Then she turns both sides into Hyperions and episodr them select Alma Gear weapons from a giant vending machine before sending them back to their original positions.

A1-PictureOrdet Type: Kon gets homesick, wishing for the comforts of his former life.

Andres Caks Di rilis pada: Georg disappears after that night, but years later tells stories of a “three-haired monster” to scare some children. The group finally makes it to Jugglaburk’s capital. After luring the Incognito unit into several booby traps, Ondo attempts to bluff Erec out of attacking him, but Erec calls his bluff and fires a large energy beam from his sword.


Meanwhile, an eccentric girl named Miranda begins to have incredible delusions about Kon after bumping into him, assaulting him several times for no apparent reason. Ixion Saga Episode 2 Subtitle Indonesia.

Ixion Saga Episode 20 Subtitle Indonesia. Kon considers leaving the princess’s entourage, but his resolve is tested again when Erecpyle reappears, piloting a Chariot tank and wrecking the town due to his imbalance caused by losing one of his testicles. Anime and Manga portal.

Suddenly, he appears episodd a different world and accidentally saves a princess from attackers by landing on their lieutenant Variation with his icion chair.

Ixion Saga Episode 9 Subtitle Indonesia.

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When the party reaches a hotel, he crafts a wooden controller replica and pretends to play video games on a wall in his room, refusing to come out. Setelah menyimpan Princess Ixiln dari penyerang, ia segera menemukan dirinya di tengah-tengah perjuangan sekitar Alma.

Fortunately for them, Incognito shows up in time to defeat the Ulbrions and allow them to push through. Ecarlate’s wedding finally commences, however Kon starts to feel upset with the wedding. Kon believes he sees an omen in the stars that he is about to die while the Ulga Sorority plays the Empire and anti-Empire forces against each other.

IndkMysterySci-fiS Kon must defeat it, as even his fellow Hyperions are unable to dent it. Please comment on what you thought, and subscribe if you would like to follow me To make matters worse, Erec has equipped his lieutenants with special “DDOS” weapons that enhance their strength. A final episodee begins between Incognito and Kon’s party, but Marian agrees to transfer her balls peisode E. Archbishop Taulepton and Ulga Sorority unleash their final weapon: ActionFantasyComedy.

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Unfortunately, as Konpika gains a multitude of followers, they threaten to start a violent crusade against the Ulga Religious Sorority, forcing Kon to find a way to end his own legend as it spirals out of control.


Ixion Saga Episode 8 Subtitle Indonesia. Ecarlate’s party stops episde the Tamatsukure Hot Springs and relishes the opportunity to relax in luxury.

Ixion Saga Episode 22 Subtitle Indonesia. ActionSeinenSupernatural Dur While struggling with a dragon in his MMORPG, Kon Hokaze thinks he’s met the woman of his dreams online when a sib female character comes to him with a request. Ixion Saga Episode 15 Subtitle Indonesia. Junior High Attack on Titan: Kon says goodbye to his friends and Erec’s group, and is returned to his room, almost convinced that the world was a dream.

Upon arrival, Kon hears from Pet about an Ixion Experimental Lab and goes to check it out to see if there’s any leads about Olvidia.

Ixion Saga DT Episode 01-25 Subtitle Indonesia

However, while looking for a spot to relieve himself, he spots Pet talking to someone over a magic radio.

However, he gets lost and ends up running across several different anti-Empire factions, each represented by a weird costumed character. Ixion Saga Episode 3 Subtitle Indonesia.

Kon escapes the ring, later accusing his party of planning to suh him if he didn’t snap out of his depression. Ixion Saga Episode 23 Subtitle Indonesia.

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Ixion Saga Episode 17 Subtitle Indonesia. Kon wants nothing to do with the creature and tries to scare it away, due an event in his past with another pet, but fails.

FO Formality and Obstruction. Rated this episode 3. Fairy Tail full episode However, when the party reaches the next village, Kon’s new secret is exposed. ComedyEcchiFantasyHaremRomance Meanwhile, Kon and the others have mixed feelings about the princess’s betrothal.