Nk is getting extra emotional today and where did you two go? Sheetal says, sorry Arnav.. I am taking her to our home. He says, oh no.. I am taking you there. Anjali asks Nk, what revenge? Arnav says, but spoons are not needed.

Khushi asks him, why are you looking at me like this? She goes, What the.. He says, I have to admit.. Sheetal hears that and gets worried. Khushi says, not anymore. Nani says, take me to the temple every Monday.

Khushi is telling Arnav, what happened and how she fought with kidnappers. Khushi says, I know that. She gives him spoons. If you eat in front of them, then they would get hungry too.

Manorama asks, why did you get up like that? Arnav smiles and tells her, have some. Manorama says, for me one saaree, necklace. Sheetal says, actually I came here for designing position.


He heard her voice and sees her. We are not ghosts. Khushi says, I met him in a store. Aarav says, mumma has gone for the interview and I am waiting for him.

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Aarav quiet leaves from there. I am a bad mother. I am taking her to our home. Created by Muhammad Shariq Baig.

Khushi asks him, why are you looking at me like this? Khushi says, do you know. Khushi finally notices that and asks to herself, jya he got unconscious from my talks? He wonders where can they go. And Khushi is not picking up her phone. Khushi then sees a doll and asks him if she should buy it? And then says, did kidnappers kidnapped them to take reveng?


Arnav looks in her eyes, and asks really? Episode starts with Nk waiting for Arnav and Khushi. Arnav says, forget it and leaves from there. I am not a kid anymore.

One of the office staff says, we were just looking for someone like you but before you get the job, you have to talk with our boss. She asks, which toys 10 years old girls like? Khushi says, not anymore. He says, I have to admit. Then help me in buying toys. Anjali asks Nk, what revenge? She goes, What the. I am going to my mum.

Sheetal is Arnav’s ex-girlfriend

Aarav says, how would I know? Arnav makes her sit and says, five-stars chef are allowed to sit na? Sheetal hears that and gets worried.

Everyone wonders where he went. Today Arnav forgot his phone at home as well and mind you, Arnav never forgets his phone at home. Nk kyw getting extra emotional today and where did you two go? Arnav says, we went for walk. He again gets up but this time Nani stops him and asks what about khichdi? Arnav is just kidding with her, but she pyazr a bit serious. Aarav says, because all kids like them and I am not a kid.


Anjali tells Arnav, Khushi. Khushi tells him to get ready as they have to buy gifts for kids. Arnav goes and comes back. Spoiler Pics – 18th August – Sangeet Pics.

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Arnav says to her, relax. Nani tells Aarav not to scare or worry. Before he eats, she stops him again and puts a cloth on him like how they do in five-star hotels. Arnav says, then I should better leave from here.

Khushi laughs and says, that time I used to scare from you so much right. Khushi makes him sit on ,ya bed and then she sets up a nama there on which she puts the breakfast. She is bargaining and Aarva comes there. Arnav says, of course.