Khushi sets up a meeting with Akash to talk about the matter. Khushi gives a great performance and is praised by all. Kavya sees and shouts Chachi made Chachu fell down. In order to stress her disapproval, Manorama pretends to leave the house. Manorama and her husband greet the two couples. The neighbours come to Madhumati when Arnav’s air conditioner knocks out the power.

Holika bonfire in front of Jagdish Temple in Udaipur , Rajasthan , Payal tries to befriend Bubbly, but Manorama intervenes. However, he then goes to Khushi’s house and pays her to do Anjali’s work. Anjali asks Khushi to train Lavanya, but she declines the offer stating Arnav’s presence as the reason. Meanwhile, Anjali and Shyam try to change Arnav’s view on marriage. Khushi and Arnav draw up a plan to reunite Akash and Payal. Her colleagues make fun of her for her Indian attire.

Shlok asks if he is not in right path what she will do?

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How long will Khushi survive in the office? A scene from EastEnders on Christmas Daywatched by After confessing their feelings for each other, Arnav refuses to let go of Khushi’s hand. Shashi on naam other hand, enquires about Shyam’s background. He has composed scores for over a hundred movies, rajinder Singh Panesar also known as Raju Singh was born on 3 April in Mumbai, India.


Later, they apologise to each other and the family. Manorama tries to poison Nani and Anjali against Khushi, but they support her and ask her serve the sweets to the guests. She tries to take the phone from him but the phone falls and breaks.


Khushi has a terrible start to her married life: Meanwhile, Shyam writhen to kill Anjali by electrocuting her. On the way, he sees an accident and learns about a man and woman being injured. Special Incidents since What? Khushi and Payal are happy to find Shyam in the city. Arnav’s family is surprised to see him calm.

indi and iss pyaar ko: episode hamesha is sometimes just a moment

Arnav feels sad to see her being ignored by her family and insulted by Manorama. She is worried about the dowry her fiance’s parents are demanding. On reaching Delhi, Arnav gives Khushi some money and asks her to leave. An intoxicated Khushi blurts out the truth about her sudden marriage with Shyam.

Anjali places an order for saris to Khushi. Khushi sets up a meeting with Akash to talk about the matter.

Khushi is distressed when Pgaar scores high points and puts the Raizada family in the lead. Later in the day, Khushi gets upset when her friends ask about her wedding day and she lies about it. The guests are bored and Khushi taunts Arnav about it. Anjali and Khushi come in and Anjali says Arnavis fine now, they need to take care of his eating though.

Natasha turns back and says, I think myself which you can become one. Khushi bothers and embarrasses Arnav in front of his clients during the meeting.


Meanwhile, Shyam decides to meet Khushi. Khushi thinks Arnav is asleep, and tells Lakshmi about her plan to avoid seeing Arnav. Shyam prepares sugar free jilebis for Arnav. She later informs Shyam about losing the engagement ring. Lavanya is worried by her parents’ absence at her engagement. Bubbly hides inside it to get Payal into trouble.

Ky is thrown out of the house but Anjali continues meeting him secretly. Arnav and Khushi spend some romantic moments together.

Garima and Khushi have an emotional connect. Paintings at the Ajanta Caves in Aurangabad, Maharashtra6th century. Later, Arnav tries to humiliate Khushi by gifting her favourite necklace to Lavanya. Shashi blesses Payal with his paralysed hand and surprises everyone. He then informs everyone about his decision to advance his engagement with Lavanya. What is the reason behind his decision?

She confesses that she had broken the frame but he hadlied that he had so that Anjali doesn’t feel bad that their lastchildhood memory had broken.