The implied haq in his questions – that she should have told him , that he deserved to be told separately from everyone else, that he is entitled to know – betrays that he knows what he is to Khushi. Shayam says that he feelsthat ring is loose on her and Khushi tells him that she lost ring. Khushi 17th Jun – 5: Khushi tells ANjali that she lost her ring and ANjali tells thespecifications of the ring and Khushi tells its her. Sections of this page. Khushi says hello hi mami jee.

Ishu was seen smiling and listenig to music.. There ASR wonders why his house cannever be quiet and he comes there and as soom he sees everyone dancinghe drops his phone. Yeh phool nahi mera dil hai dekho yeh toote na. Arshi 17th Jun – 4: Episode strts with Anjali calling Khushi and saying that nani is waitingand she goes away from ASR’s room. Shayam says that ring means alot to him and how she can lost it and hesays to find her in that house where she works and she says that shewill try to find and ANjali is standing beside her and she asks whathappens.

ASR tells her that she wasfinding him and tells that Lakshmi dropped ring in his room and Anjaligets happy and tells him that the ring id of Khushi. I m from trinelveli… but as of now i m in munbai…. Like Us On Social Networks. Created by Muhammad Shariq Baig. Welcome, Login to your account. Nani, La and Anjali are having convo ab there acting and Khushi listensto it and mami do littel bit commentary saying that all are out and shemade haattrick.


I have never failed. You are happy with the relation?

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She pursued him after the poolside to hear it, but he systematically destroyed everything that encounter meant to her. Nani says if she will now be here as nani dopn dance inthis old age. He knows she loves him.

It makes a difference to me dammit, because I—]. Mami says that if in dahej she left her PG rent and everyone glaresmami. La and nani strtsfighting for tha fake and Anjali tells them to talk peacefully meanswith Shanti to which La says that good idea nani needs to order shantifor the kaada. Kkg makes pout face: It is a really nice and awesome post Anjali interrupts them, and Arnav quickly releases her.

Join or Log Into Facebook. Nivedha 17th Jun – Arshi 17th Jun – Watch the episode here. Khushi goes to ASR room anddemands her ring. When she looks back, as she always looks back, he lets her see everything. I really appreciate ur writing skills……. I think I need it! Then he turns to look at a broken Khushi and asks, “kyon Khushi? Everyone tries to stop her. He says that he will give her ring only when shewill say sorry and she says that she will not say sorry for herself-respect and ASR says that he will not gibe her ring.

Anjji fixes her date with shyam at 8Anji says she wants to help Khushi in her wedding shopping, and then sheasks, “Khushiji, why are you so worried?

LOL ab lo mazze shyam babua ab ko kaise sambhaloge. They exchange a look, she silently communicating how helpless she is and him resigning himself to the situation with a sigh.


Receive all updates via Facebook. Now, his farak padta hai comes too late, confusing and hurting her. Khushi-Payal scene going on, talk about PrincessKhushi thinks of Arnav and thinks along the lines, ‘the prince is alwaysso angry with me!

iss pyaar ko kya naam doon

Veronica 17th Jun – 3: Raizaada u need not to worry aby my fianceebank balance as that not matters to her and what matters to her fromthat angle he is very rich and ASR says that than why is she not happyto which Khushi says that he has huge bank balance then why he is nothappy and he needs to think again that what he needs from his life.

That will be valuable to everyone who uses it, including myself. Payal goes out to take clothes from outside and she finds Akash thereand then she leaves from there and Akash calls her bit that goes in vein. It takes merely six words to completely shatter him, to turn the world upside down and sever his connection with it.

Amazing yar…day by day ur giving excellent updates and making me feel like this should happen in real serials.