Without the other knowing, both developed feelings for each other. Akash apologises to Payal on behalf of Manorama. Later, Madhumati is shocked to hear about the spoilt sweets. T – English – Chapters: Will Khushi get the papers back? How did she take it? In Case by xSimplyMex reviews Shane and Mitchie broke up due to Shane’s label telling them to do so, but Mitchie is miserable without him- does their love have a chance?

The weekend after, she figures she might have a few more near-death experiences and decides doesn’t want to die a virgin. A continuation of the story starting when everyone leaves Camp Rock. Manorama is not happy that Naniji has ordered her to attend a function. How will Arnav react? Everything Changes by Gleeisamazing reviews What happens when a certain band named Connect 3 comes back into Mitchie’s life He asks her to conduct the Mehendi rasam at Raizada house.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon – Episode (lastd Episoe) в

May or May not have a happy ending. I Long For Your Embrace by missdallywinston reviews They hadn’t done this in a while and he had almost forgotten how much Aria could pleasure him. Khushi convinces Nani about starplyer Lavanya. Will she manage to expose him? Khushi and Arnav then plan to have a second go at convincing Manorama again. For most of Maya’s youth it was Riley, until one lucky night. Meanwhile, Payal calls up Arnav to enquire about Khushi. He apologises to Khushi for his rudeness.

Arnav is shocked to find Khushi in his cupboard.

Now married, Naoki and Kotoko take on the married life. Shane, a 27 year old single dad, owner of high tech company,hires Mitchie. He agrees so does he give her his bite of love? Later, she overhears Shyam asking Akash about her being invited for the Satyanarayan puja. She’ll do anything but never give Shane Gray the satisfaction of seeing her cry. At Last Secret Romance 4 by phati-sari reviews Finally married! Anjali is alarmed when she sees Arnav’s injured hand.


Is Pyaar Ko kya Naam Doon 16th September Jalabhi Bhai Ki entry – video dailymotion

This upsets Arnav and he threatens to leave the house. We finally will see someones true colors as the plot thickens. Later, Arnav tells Khushi that he is happy to stay away from her, but thinks about her once she goes away. The wedding preparations confuse him. Big Hearted Diva by MagnificentMichelle reviews Hollywood princess moves to no-where’s-vile where its rare to see so much designer.

Anjali asks Khushi to train Lavanya, but she declines the offer stating Arnav’s presence as the reason.

He then decides to profess his love to Khushi. Payal and Khushi are elated as they finish preparing the sweets for the party. Khushi tells Anjali that she dislikes the bangles, to make him admit he bought them.

Can Riley get over her man hating ways, and the idea that everyone leaves long enough to find a new man in her life? Shyam anticipates Anjali’s death and makes arrangements for her funeral. Shane is out of his safety net and is settled in Key West? It makes no attempt to stick to canon, but does endeavour to keep the characters as true to the serial as possible.

Later, Shyam offers help with the money to be paid to Anjali.


What Name Shall I Give This Love? season 1 episode 177

Meanwhile, Kushi suggests making sugar-free sweets. They were each other’s first kisses. Unaware of the truth, Anjali introduces Shyam to Khushi.

Arnav is happy on seeing Khushi wearing the bangles that he had bought. What is the video about?

Later, Khushi tries to avoid confrontation with Arnav. However, Arnav surprises her.

Is Pyaar Ko kya Naam Doon 16th September 2011 Jalabhi Bhai Ki entry

Mitchie is a young woman looking out for her friends and guarding her heart every way she can. While Akash is upset as Payal refuses to talk to him, Shyam disrupts Shashi’s oxygen supply. Shyam tries to hide away from the Raizada family.

Except this time Aria has a daughter who looks strangely like Ezra, and many people begin to get in there way Meanwhile, Lavanya takes the responsibility of looking after Laxmi. She thinks of the reality and cries. Joe is an already married man who is fed up with his relentless marriage. The choreographer Madhubala once again asks Arnav and Khushi to dance together, but they refuse.

Is it the pressure of fulfilling Hollywood’s standards? Manorama asks Lavanya to take Laxmi for a walk. Anjali and Nani are delighted about the same.