The company’s primary goal is to help developers worldwide advance their software development effort by providing powerful building blocks that allow them to focus on the business logic, core value, and primary function of their application or website. Page 1 2 With a DevExpress Gauge you won’t have to manually create elements, customize their appearance, size and layout, etc. To download this, you must have registered: I have a prototype application done in Labview and now migrating to WPF; and I have to live up to Labviews speed and flexibility of graph plots. Now on to my questions: User controls can contain any ASP. Why struggle with static, bitmap-based gauges, switches, and other similar controls when you can enjoy the flexibility and reliability of controls designed for the needs of automation programmers.

Net WinForms application when using Iocomp controls? With XtraGauges Suite You can place multiple gauges into one container and enable automatic arrangement. Site licenses are now available for all Syncfusion products, which allow up to developers at a single address. XtraGauges Suite ships with over built-in presets and is extremely easy to use; all you need to do is drop a control onto a form. NET server control library that lets you add fantastic looking, user customizable drag – drop Ajax dashboards and widgets to your applications with ease. I think that’s your best option.

Today Nevron components are used by many Fortune companies and exsmples of developers and IT professionals worldwide. Featuring a large 1. Am I doing something wrong?


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I have the iocomp plot packet for. For more information, see http: I currently have my application displaying up to 4 plot lines, each with their own y-axis. They produce instrumentation controls with professional looks and tight integration into Microsoft’s. If you can’t find an answer to your question, you can submit it to us lpot receive a personalized reply by e-mail.

ComponentArt is a leading component vendor specializing in the creation of user interface and data visualization software for Microsoft’s. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Developer Express is a software development company based in the United States. Syncfusion Essential Gauge comes with sophisticated customization support providing endless possibilities for control modification.

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Here you will quickly find answers to our most commonly asked questions. Developer Express has won many industry awards for its products. New Editor language schemes – Outline parser customization was extended. From auto-arrangement of individual controls to resolution independence, the XtraLayoutControl Suite delivers a comprehensive form design feature set. You can zoom and scroll even while plotting data. Examplfs channels, channel line format, custom property editors, auto scale, auto scroll, copy to clipboard, save to Windows enhanced metafile, and basic report printing capabilities round out some of the many advanced features.


Everything from car dashboards to medical and industrial equipment use gauges, and are quickly recognized and understood by users.

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User controls can contain any ASP. NET controls for developers. Built-in zoom, zoom-box, scroll, and cursor toolbars are available for user control and analysis even during plot operations. Actipro Software Sxamples, founded inis a cutting-edge provider of. For Labeling of the gauge?

Each y-axis is displayed side by side on the left side of the grid.

Nevron Gauge for Reporting Services will also improve your report oicomp experience, with its polished visual editors, refined settings and well-organized structure. Customer satisfaction is the company’s first priority and as such it aims to produce top quality software.

Iocomp Support Team http: Syncfusion Essential Gauge includes circular, digital and liner gauges.

Essential Gauge adds ASP. Browse the Latest Snapshot. Actipro Gauge for WPF patched.

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