He even presents her with a gift an expensive bag and wishes her a happy birthday. You could see how much he loved justice and how bitter he was. Aleviate April 24, at Poor kid, poor kid. I hate the thought of the hopelessness just before suicide – the feeling that he had lost. Thanks for the recap. But one night, he saw his father crying with a torn certificate haphazardly taped back together — it was that moment he realized how much his father loved him. Episodes by odilettante.

After a tension-filled pause, Se-kwang rises from his seat to stare directly at the camera. Is it considered divine karmic intervention that both Dad and Reporter Go are sleeping in the same park? He wonders if that means Bi-ryung is with Se-kwang. Choi Jin Ho Supporting Cast. The result is immediate and to be certain, Se-kwang orders him to send one after another, smiling ruefully as the laptop dutifully dings each time. However, I am struck time and time again by how smart these guys are. Ah, so Cha-don instructed her to remove the bullets in their conversation. That it turned out to be SK hurt him more than when he thought it was CD.

A delightfully happy ending to what has been a crazy and intense ride on this Incarnation train, giving us heart-stopping moments until the final few minutes of the finale.

I just wish more people are watching this fantastic drama. The pendulum has swung to the other end now and the revenge arc is getting it’s groove back! But Cha-don retorts that his kind of revenge is different and that he wants to see Se-kwang pay for his crimes. It did give me a different perspective when i watch the episode again and when i saw how the drama unfolded and begun to see the other point s of view.

It was the recap of 18 that made me watch the show.


Watch online Incarnation of Money – Episode 12 (EngSub) – Korea Drama |

I was so used to it and it suit his character even though he looks better now. I mooney it in this episode that we are once again reminded of the different “justice” which he and Se Kwang seeks.

Four episodes to go. Seriously I will never understand how women can love a men more then their own kids I haven’t finished this yet, I’m terribly behind. It was kind of awesome in a scary way, how he used such a simple method in the end. Yeah, i felt sorry for them. Cha Don in the earlier episodes strayed into amassing a fortune by becoming a corrupt prosecutor which now, in a way serves him well, in terms of having the right contacts at varying levels and in different walks omney life.

There was a lot of recompenses, repentances, etc. Joo Hyun Supporting Cast. And even though he looks cold most of the time, he did have some moments where seemed truly friendly. Probably would never be given his own sense of justice and how he saw as injustice done to his father. I thought he would be Sekwang’s or Chadon’s dad.

Anyways, the series was interesting. Hyuk is all smiles again and he shyly tells her to dramacrazyy of him every time she uses it Jae-in involuntarily gags at the statement. I’m about 5 episodes back.

Angelina’s last act of love, I guess? There’s probably a lot of criminals he put away there that would like to take revenge.

I know it was a total story sucker. Maybe I am episods bit too demanding? With such a smart baddie like Se-kwang, you would think that the other Traitagon members could have learned a page or two over the years. He is need pretty much alive.

Watch online Incarnation of Money – Episode 18 (EngSub) – Korea Drama |

I really love how smart the protagonist and incarnatioon are in this drama. I wonder if it’s because Se Kwang started out s an avenger.


His criminal activities started with vengeance that I most likely would have supported seeing as how he was a victim in the beginning.

TV Incarnation of Money Episode Ohh, so she poisoned both of their drinks. See you later in V. Cha-don vows to his incagnation that he and Jae-in will live a happy life together and Jae-in thanks Mom for giving birth to Cha-don.

Took me sometime to watch them. I didn’t like that Jae In gained back all that weight, but after reading comments here, I realised how fitting it was to tell that last lesson – it’s what’s in the inside that counts!

Episode 5 by TeriYaki. Do Ji Han Supporting Cast. Cha-don is taken aback as she continues: I liked the show in the beginning but loved it by the end. JI is taken away out epissode the interrogation room.

I liked his battle of wits with Cha Don even though I think he was taken down to easily. Wait, that’s exactly what Se Kwang did. His drsmacrazy fixated on Prosecutor Kwon, he asks the lackey the same question.


But before he steps out, Prosecutor Kwon shares a few more words: Lee Ki Young Supporting Cast. He has a resigned look on his face as he watches Jae-in leave with a smile on her face. Or maybe to say Cha Don loved her mondy of how she looked.