I’d like to see Jung Won’s mother have to deal directly with her sad married life. Love this episode and cannot wait to see what happens in the next episode. He was so adored, he won the election by a landslide. I have been reading the recaps on Gu Family book – maybe i will given your recommendation and i can “meet” you and daydreamer on the recap chit-chat eventhough i am not such a Lee Seung Ki fan! He must’ve scalded his hands there.. I guess we are all pretty blood thirsty when it comes to justice for Angelina.

After a long time passes Will the tears spill out? He thought Nari kissed him because she decided to let go of JungWon and go to him. Hwa-shin pops open a beer on his rooftop when Na-ri appears. This drama made for some cozy talks. Great acting all around, many memorable characters. Later, she helps Ki Tan with his revenge.

Just as she leaves, the mysterious hobo makes another appearance and beats himself up over leaving his beautiful wife. Incranation can only explain why I continue to laugh harder the more they suffer! Another reason for self reflection I don’t want my hero erring in anyway that might make him become actually villainous.

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See I too don’t think that Na Ri is in love with both guys but I also don’t think Hwa Shin is really in love with her yet either. IF not, we can meet on Mandate of Heaven although am still waiting for that to get subbed.


This is exactly why i love this show.

But then again, is there really honor among thieves? I liked Jae in being there for Cha Don and complaining to his mother. Weired suggestion from the script writer. MAC March 31, at 5: This is such a heartbreaking episode seeing the decline of Boss Bok.

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I am with you. OK, he finally understood to look under the cover, but it looked like a last minute stunt pulled just for its own sake. Either they maliciously betray each other multiple times or they work alone. But the show made it a big struggle for her, which diminished her standing considerably in my eyes.

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But alone as he is, whispers follow him down the hall and people recognize him as an anchor. PLZ Also, I’d really appreciate your gooddraam.

That’s what HwaShin thought, too! Equally hot was Lee Cha Don in a suit. We live the messiness of “real life,” so why would we want to watch it play out again? She brings him another ice cream after he rejects the first one, and he orders her to unwrap epiwode, saying that the gesture would make him feel loved. Hope the living together will happen, so we can see a bit more of what’s happening with all the other characters. Seconds tick by slowly as Cha-don repeats himself, his question gooddrams a plea now.


Episode 6 by Helcat. I have it bad for this drama!! Jae In and Cha Don playing a prank on the wedding guests.

Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. That’s probably a testimony to the idea that I may have been secretly rooting for his success too.

The headlines across the bottom form a lolarious second commentary: I agree with everything you said.

This show just keeps getting better! He is so cute!

Can I have him for myself please? Both senior prosecutors are then pleased to hear that their sabotage is going as planned. Oof so in real life, i think.