Cha Dol talk to Swe Dol alone. I heard praises about ‘Painter of the wind’s cinematography and I’ve liked the acting of Moon Geun Young and Park Shin Yang in other dramas and movies. Half-good is about right, though will reach a new level of frustration to some people. Outside the shop, he bumps into Bong Soon and her father and is forced to down a bottle of laxative. Take, for example, a throwaway drama like Strongest Chil Woo. He is angry because her word is worth more than his. Caught off-balance at her assertiveness, Iljimae is unsure how to act. He had dismissed it as unimportant at the time, but it keeps sticking with him.

Meanwhile, Swe Dol saves his hand but instead loses his teeth. No one does it better than you I agree that this Iljimae is loads better than the SBS version. View all posts by jnewin. So will the Oscars still rock you? Takuan is indeed the person whose name is used to referred to the pickled radish. Uh-oh, because secret assassins just set out for him.

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He looks up police records for clues, and picks up on a few oddities, noting the case of the chicken thief who got away. This new wound, combined with the drag marks, are enough to prove that some one could have dragged him to the door and forced him to swallow his own tongue all without opening the door.

Now understanding that thieving may not be a great idea, Iljimae decides to stop stealing — but is then confronted with policemen, who look at him suspiciously and try to grab him. No one sees those bits of metal, nope. Dani hears of Yong being at the gambling pit but not why, and is incensed. They pay a certain amount of money and whatever they fish out they get to keep. I hope she continues to improve her skills and that she has a lot of success in Korea.


The fascinating of the painting with the nature. While she naps, he wonders bitterly:. Lee Junki fans, I have noticed, are very vocal about preferring his version. I got news that she will be having a new koreanovela under the same director of TROI. The warrior declares the fight over.

So Dal-yi urges her father to let Iljimae live with them, and his lack of response indicates assent. I’ve been wanting to watch this one. Her honesty won the Filipino heart. Someone said she also knows Mandarin since she went to a Chinese school so that’s 4 languages.

Awaiting your reply before l post anything on that site. She glows from all angles, must be that famous Korean skin. I still have some epieode bruising.

Iljimae episode 4 recap

She was having some trouble getting epiode work then she revealed that her dad was abusive, took all the money she saved up and had another family.

Eun Chae as Hyo-ju Han. His luck seems to have run out, for this is when the four horsemen of doom come by to kill him, once and for all.

The schoolmaster applauds his dedication to Yong. Thank you so much Sarah. Page 1 Page 2 Next page. The man is obviously a little deranged from all that inbreeding. Byun Shik looks relieved as the other two ministers are increasingly irritated. Adobe Flash Player version 9 iljime above is required to play this audio clip.

What they usually did was is to smile. Because Iljimae eisode smiles, Dal-yi tells a joke, resorting to the one story guaranteed to make even her taciturn father laugh. What seems appealing of this drama is how everyone is praising it’s soundtrack, cinematography and feel of this drama. Rie leads him to a secret room in the house, where they find an arsenal of swords, nunchaku, shurikens, etc.


To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Gyeom hid behind the painting and saw Byun Shik whipped Shim Ki Yoon and remember a bit recqp his past. Who is evil, but you knew that. Eun Cha watch the plum blossom falling. She gives chase, which leads into a little restaurant.

Without thanks, she iljmiae coldly that she never asked for his help, and shuts herself in her house.

On the side note, its hard but the scenes slightly remembered me of Painter Of The Wind. Her parents are pleased that he passed the test, but Rie is especially thrilled. And I really like oljimae On the way home, Yong has more headaches accompanied by his memories.

Yong has asked the local detectives to find his sister. I love reading your recaps, even though I don’t need to since I understand Korean. I was never epispde a huge fan of his during the highkick times. Her interest in him is evident in the way she mentions, haltingly, how close their two countries are, as if to highlight their similarities more than their differences.