Ryan Phillippe as Oliver. An indie film from writer and director Burr Steers, this film follows the disenchanted life of a teenager in the world of the socially elite in his quest to remain untouched by his beginnings and venture into the underbelly of New York City. His mother, played by Susan Sarandon, is very manipulative and condescending. Elizabeth Jagger as Lisa Fiedler. We do not upload any videos nor do we know who and where videos are coming from. It asks us to care about a young man whose only apparent virtue is that he is not quite as unpleasant as some of the people in his life.

Of course Rory Culkin was the best pick to play the young Igby considering they are brother’s and look a lot alike. While working construction for D. Keiran Culkin is great as Igby, and, even though he’s not yet achieved the household name recognition of Macaulay, he’s definitely the more accomplished and better actor. We’ve listed a number of streaming and cable services – including rental, purchase, and subscription options – along with the availability of ‘Igby Goes Down’ on each platform. Michael Formica Jones as Peeka. Jim Gaffigan as Hotel Manager. Jun 13, Full Review…. Retrieved from ” https:

We’ve listed a number of streaming and cable services – including rental, purchase, and subscription options – along with the availability of ‘Igby Goes Down’ on each platform.

Jun 11, Full Review…. ComedyDramaRomance. It’s also a really great coming of age story that doesn’t make the protagonist a complete whiny prick. Onlind want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account.

Jason “Igby” Slocumb, Jr. It’s a well done nad entertainign film, though I did make the mistake of watching it in a double feature with The Squid and the Whale.

Igby dowh describes his ambitious older brother Ollie Ryan Phillippe as a fascist or, alternatively, a Young Republicanand that he studies ” neo-fascism ” economics at Columbia University.


Before she dies, Mimi makes a final revelation, casually inquiring of Igby, “I take it you know that D. Just leave us a message here and we will work on getting you verified.

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How To Train Your Dragon: All in all, this is good stuff, though it’s not gonan be for everyone. Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. This represents something of a dry run for igbby updated Catcher in the Rye. Arnie Burton as Front Desk Clerk. Harris is just batty, but fun.

A young man’s peculiar upbringing renders him unable to competently cope with the struggle of growing up. A teenager tired of being ignored in deference to his older brother Ryan PhillippeIgby Kieran Culkin escapes to New York City without his family’s knowledge, where he meets and falls in love with vioiz outsider Claire Danes who makes him realize he’s not so alone in the world.

Susan Sarandon as Mimi. This dysfunction is well captured in a very composed performance from Kieran Culkin, another indie rave performance from Amanda Peet, a very low key and yet memorable one from Ryan Philippe, and Claire Danes in yet another role as a disenchanted young woman with her own severe problems. His mother is a pill popper who comes from old money and is very overbearing.

In its own floundering way, it gets to you. Igby Goes Down Igby Goes Down is a American comedy-drama film that follows the life of Igby Slocumb, a rebellious and sardonic New York City teenager who ighy to break free of his familial ties and wealthy, overbearing mother.

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Now my chances of having a happy rest of the day are pretty well non-existant. Gannon Forrester as Little Cadet. This page was last edited on 21 Februaryat The New York Times.

Conner Rainwater Super Reviewer. Avoiding his family, Igby falls in with a host of questionable characters, including his godfather’s trophy girlfriend, her flamboyant pal Russel, and the terminally bored Sookie Sapperstein. Igby Goes Down His mother, Mimi Susan Sarandonis self-absorbed and distant and has a tendency to drink heavily.


But Igby also soon realizes he can never completely bury his past. Susan Sarandon seems to be having fun as Igby’s mother Igby, and Ryan Phillippe excels as doing characters such as Ollie. Claire Danes is terrific as Sookie, and Amanda Peet is really good as Rachel, and I’m jealous that Culkin his character, rather got to hook up with both of them.

My Own Private Idaho. With a schizophrenic father Bill Pullmana self-absorbed, distant mother Susan Sarandonand a shark-like young Republican big brother Ryan PhillippeIgby figures there must be a better life out there — and sets about finding it. We do not promote any illegal conduct of any kind.

Primewire doesn’t host any content All watch series and movies does is link or embed content that was uploaded to popular Online Video hosting sites like Veoh. So when all the iciness melts away, the sentimentality which replaces it seems unconvincingly pat.

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Igby Goes Down (2002)

Nicholas Wyman as Suit. This is almost too perfect of an origin story for Sean and Patrick Bateman.

Jeff Goldblum as D. If this were a short story, it igny belong in The New Yorker in the days of J. Kieran Culkin as Igby.

Bill Pullman as Jason. His darkly comedic voyage eventually leads to New York, where he hides out at his godfather’s weekend pied-a-terre.