In Nashville , Danielle is unimpressed with the pool of quirky candidates she’s met to manage the new store. There the guys find a pair of muskets that could be centuries old. Next, the guys hunt for the perfect showpiece for Shatner’s garden and think they’ve hit the jackpot with an amazing millstone collector. In upstate New York , the guys stop in at a sprawling treasure-laden farm with fourteen jam-packed trailers, the result of a lifetime of collecting by the late owner. Harry’s property is wired for maximum security and once the guys gain access to his amazing vault, Mike makes a high-stakes gamble. Later, a random freestyle stop leads to a mega pick honey hole. When Mike throws out his back, Danielle fills in and hits the road with Frank.

And on a property full of tractors and signs, the guys scour a treasure-filled outbuilding that seems too good to be true then hatch a plan to get the owner to sell. Frank goes wild in Joe’s garage. It’s a picker’s dream and the guys dig deep to see what they can uncover, finding a United Motors Service sign, cast-iron pedestal tables, Kawasaki Triple motorcycle, Bosch horn sign, outboard motor, chair, stained glass windows, s sphere loudspeakers. The guys put thousands on the line to strike a deal with a tough negotiator, and they meet Hubba, a rockabilly reverend with many talents. Later, the guys meet Cecil, a man who has built himself a rustic little Western town and filled it with amazing stuff. Freestyling in New Hampshire, Tommy’s treasure-packed barn yields some incredible railroad relics.

Back at the shop, Frank has a tough time tracking down an appraiser for the jukebox. Next, the guys hunt for the perfect showpiece for Shatner’s garden and think they’ve hit the jackpot with an amazing millstone collector.

The good news is she’s downsizing and everything is for sale, but the bad news is the guys still ket found that big-ticket item. All the speculation was true.

A life-size sculpture youf Elvis is uncovered in rural Vermont; rare military memorabilia is found in New York. The guys take a trip down memory lane in this special episode featuring the grooviest picks from the disco decade.

Ted’s garage is filled with awesome mantiques and Mike goes into overdrive ans he climbs into the rafters and discovers a honey hole of rare bicycles and gets a Chevy car grill, car club plaque, mids Clipper shaft bicycle, Monark Firestone Super Cruiser, and Frank gets a Land o’ Nod Matresses neon clock, Whizzer motorized bike. The guys have an awkward encounter with the “King of the Gypsies,” who has an incredible underground stash but insists he can’t be bought.

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yohr The guys visit Kansas and Iowa. Then Mike spots a rare Kawasaki muscle bike, but can he wrestle it out of the mud? The guys explore a massive car collection in Massachusetts.


Rick Dale from American Restoration also guest stars. While they make an offer on a few rare gems, the owner struggles to let go of his grandpa’s merchandise and all the memories that go with them. After scouring their 5-acre property, the guys make off epixode a band’s worth of brass instruments and a surprisingly rare art deco fan.

Mike and Frank look back at their best picks from the s, including a meeting with Captain Kirk and a seat in the original Batmobile. Later, Mike and Frank uncover a mega stash that includes a meteorite and a room full of branding irons. Mike and Frank discover an amazing fleet of one-of-a-kind concept cars. Frank tries to negotiate the purchase of a vintage cigarette machine with a lifetime collector who is also a reluctant seller. On a mission to preserve the history of the telephone, Don’s jaw-dropping personal museum includes overrare items.

And on a musical mission from Dani, the guys scour a farm with more than chickens and hiw. Our comics content ranges from shorter analysis to longer analysis. He steers the boys to a hangar-sized warehouse down the street where the guys discover the mother-lode of pop culture pinball machines.

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And the guys hit pay dirt when they visit a sprawling ,square-foot former factory home. The guys pick the storage locker of a fellow picker named 2D; Mike and Frank visit a woman who hopes to clear out some of episoee late father’s collection; at a Wisconsin farm the guys get caught up eipsode the weird world of Hippie Tom. Mike and Frank purchase optical items from an optometrist and his wife.

Danielle turns up a good lead she’s been working on for months. Mike when the guys take to the track for a grudge match drag race to see who has the fastest ride. Picking in Anx Mexico for the first time ever, the guys head straight to Roswell, but take a detour to a Wild West town with a million-dollar item for sale.

Mike and Robbie uncover a hidden stash of awesome motorcycle relics at a Colorado property littered with massive man-mobiles.

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Later, Mike’s honest approach wins over a tough-as-nails negotiator. Featuring the mother lode of petrolianaMike and Frank scour a defunct Maryland oil company where everything is for sale.

It was a journey full of life-lessons. Mil U founded the iconic motorcycle magazine Easyridersand for the first time ever, the legend is willing to sell some of his rare collections of motorbikes and memorabilia. A red phone booth is found in England. Freestyling in Iowa, the guys take a chance at an old airport turned auto body shop where a retro car takes them back to the future. Then, the toughest obstacle is making a deal with cokw Godfather of Junk. Frank falls hard for a rare Harley Davidson Knucklehead at a collectors hidden California compound.


Who Are The JoJos?: So it all made sense. To use this sexson, please install it. While visiting the “Godfather of Petroliana “, Mike is mesmerized by a one-of-a-kind vintage motorcycle sign but must resist the urge to overpay for it.

After a lifetime in the demolition business, Fast Eddie has tons of u oversize treasures like a McCormick-Deering hit-and-miss engine. With Frank too sick to go picking, Mike’s brother Robbie scrambles to fill in at the last minute for the trip that Danielle’s been planning for two hiw.

But all that seemed to disappear after he got divorced. Marshall and Lily have been together since the beginning of the series. Louis Cardinals vintage baseball Beech-Nut Chewing Tobacco poster featuring Dizzy and Paul DeanDog n Suds fake rubber food drive-in window tray, handcranked organette music box, and Frank falls in love with a pinball machine featuring Happy Days ‘ The Poocornvarious smalls, and a saxophone which Mike tries, and fails, to trade the Predicta TV for.

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A local historian owns an abandoned cotton town and all the treasures in it. Hohner accordion on which Frank shows off his musical talents, chalkware figurines of Uncle Sam and a soldier boy, lates Jayne Mansfield water bottle, various wobble toys, and a Philco Predicta TV.

But the s classic may not make it through the mile journey. The picking gets red hot and blue in Louisiana warehouse as Mike makes a move on Gypsy Grandma, the queen of ckoe games. Also, a trip to Ypur York Dpisode includes a Staten Island storage unit filled with carnival memorabilia.

He’s secretly going to his 30th annual trip to znd legendary Sturgis motorcycle rallybut says he’ll cover the shop. The guys go hog wild at a sprawling ranch in Texas, where Mike flips for a VW bus that’s been transformed into a hunting lodge on wheels. Mike and Frank are picking their way through Florida when they get a lead on a potential gold mine — a five-acre property that’s an automotive graveyard where they get signs, a calendar, and a scale model Atlanta class light cruiser naval trench art.

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John is desperate to clear out his jam-packed property but his year-old assistant is a tough negotiator.