Kyu-won also practices as part of a four-member gukak group calling themselves Windflower, of which her cheery friend BO-WOON is also a member. I also happen to like Park Shin-hye much better doing dramatic stuff, although she can be pretty funny as well. Time for Jun-hee to fall in love crush for himself: Thank you so much for the recap To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: It’s okay, it’s okay. I’ll keep up with the recaps to see if this series is worth watching.

I don’t know much about korean traditional instruments but I think I will learn a lot about it just by watching this drama hehehe their sounds are so beautiful Can’t wait until the next ep!!! Because once in a life of a girl high school or college , she went through that stage in her life. I look forward to the next episodes. I think we got a small peek of it in the habenera carmen, where the mixing of the two sounded really great. It’s ok, we understand! I can easily put myself in her character with gritting teeth and dagger eyes. And I also like that the two 2nd leads are from slightly different generation.

I’m crossing my fingers for this one – we’ve seen that youth-driven dramas CAN succeed Dream High so I hope this will also make it. Episodee comes home that night to find that Grandpa has raided her secret stash of CDs — sent by her father — and broken them.


Neartstrings love that he finds her while on the search for his other great love, food. She breaks down into tears as she admits that she was too late, and awkwardly, Seok-hyun comforts her as she cries. Looking foward to this and need my new fix after much adoring of Best Love. And Kang Minhyuk is amazing too!! For those who want “bitterness and vengeance” in a drama, this one is definitely not for you. I think we got a small peek of it in the habenera carmen, where the mixing of the two sounded really great.


Thanks for the surprise, javabeans!!!

That kind of overacting works well in the wacky alternate reality of a Hong Sisters drama, where a cross-dressing nun can turn into a pop star. They come from different family backgrounds and have an argument, but then start to like other.

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But maybe it’s still too early to judge only by the 1st episode. Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. I feel the same. YongHwa has improved so much in acting compared to his YAB days, Enf hope he will keep improving and that we will be able to see it as the story develops.

She struggles with her suitcase on the bus, and he silently carries it on for her, without sparing her a glance or a friendly word. I feel he is still kind of self-conscious about his acting abilities in front of the camera.

Waiting for your other one, and I don’t think i’ll start this show until after CH ends for me Episodes by odilettante. Mia June 29, at 6: I watch to be entertained and to enjoy – this is it for me. On the other hand, the performance makes Seok-hyun sit up in interest. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. But no matter, since Seok-hyun knows enough details to call a friend and find out which hospital that is. This is my fave kind of drama because even if we will have a bit of drama later east vs west it won’t be as heavy as other dramas I cried and cried and cried in “Cinderella’s sister”.


I was on the fence about this drama, but after that. Although YAB didn’t have high ratings it became a very succesful drama after it ended, specially in Japan.

ADMoviereview: Heartstrings Episode 7 ( Eng Sub ) video online Korean Drama

Please enter your username or email address. I can see the plot is coming. An additional character quirk: I’m sorry but the band is called “The Stupids”? Dad had wanted to take Kyu-won with him, but Grandpa had been emphatic in his intent to raise her in the ways of gukak, and refused hearttsrings relinquish custody.

Aww, It’s okay, it’s okay. A contrast, yet its not. There’s a vibe that I like here. Carinne June 29, at 8: Because once in a life of a girl high school or collegeshe went through that stage in her life. As though being famous for directing musicals will get him recognized on the street.

I’m really impressed with you guys. After reading your recap, I watched the last scene. Despite that drakacrazy exterior, Shin is a doting oppa to his little sister Jung-hyun. Bluefyre June 29, at Heck, I can think of a zillion names that would sound much better But before he suv get to his point, her bus arrives and she dashes off to deliver the concert proceeds to her professor in the hospital.

Episode 4 by Regals. Her voice is pretty and the song melodic, and thankfully the performance quiets the crowd.