Park Sa turns to look at him in surprise. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Been waiting for your review. Sad ending is OK but was there any need to make oppa dead…!!! I mean, did his body just disappear. Saw the damn ending a mile away, but still can’t live with it! Except, it makes him one step closer to the point of losing control and turning down the wrong road. Shi Hyun is such a beatifully thought out character and how he was treated by Min in the end was devastating.

But no matter how things ended I still believe that it is on of the best dramas I have watched so far. Leave a comment Comments But none jin sook and soo min did not knee about him. Alas, the drama forgot that towards the end! Both agree to it and ask who the person is. She was good there too! Hence the beige suit scene in the end! Her confrontation with Soo well emotional everything in the last episodes was connected to emotions and feelings.

And Soo-min learned as well. Their focus was never that. I do agree that it went downhill towards the end. She may actually turn out to be an okay cop instead of a ditz.

Because everyone knows that life isn’t fair. He stepped into the light. Sure Cruel City has plenty of raving reviews.

Cruel City Episode 20

You seriously blew my mind with your acting. Soo Min, I don’t really koream anything for her other than that she and Doc make a cute couple. Hyung Min wants to know who sent him undercover and reveals that he knows all about his relation to Kyung Mi. It seemed only natural to follow up our list of favorite couples with our list of favorite bromances, which are sometimes just as compelling as the love stories—er, Last, there was one klrean bromance that I grew to love.


Kdrama Therapy: Heartless City (Cruel City) Final Episode 20 Review

We know she love him but what about him for her. What did you guys think about the finale?

Lol, this drama places quite the importance on holding hands! The open ending was appreciated but not wanted.

Heartless City, the Finale – OMIGOSH MY HEART!

I think they have to rush finishing cruel city, because of his health condition and other things this i would like to know, mr. The ending is very clear. About hitomiakiko Architect and Aspiring Writer.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. How can you make him die with just 2 gun shots?

There were too many things going on in this drama that I think that last 1 hour couldn’t possibly wrap it all up I want to know wht exactly was going on in the writer’s head? This was his sacrifice because he thought their friendship was getting in the way of him living as a cop. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Hong Ki starts telling Park Sa he can return to the police, he can finish it all but to remember, he is a police officer above it all.


Moreover, we get to see more of him and understand his ambition just a bit more. She waves back at them as they fade away and smiles. But why that bastard?!

It feels really rushed without proper closure to any characters. I was not satisfied with Min Hong Ki’s ending. Anyhow I just wanted a happy ending. But one thing that made me take a breather was Jin-Sook Unni apparently forgiving Soo Min and getting along with her.

This is too unfair! What makes him think that Min, this blubbering crazily laughing troll of a villain, truly wants to turn himself in to the police? But he was a great TRUE villain. Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. Soo Min thanks her. It even got to the point where I rrama to drop the drama. He could have only gone deeper, but he couldn’t have gone back. He suffered all his life. Hyung Min readies the police.

He was trying to ease Doc’s pain. He’s such a complex character I still don’t completely understand him. So Hyung Min continues-Safari, that sniper and Kyung Mi, each and every one of them was a police officer.

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