Add Post Sign up to access this! The biggest danger is the acid-lions, since they’ll temporarily knock down your health with their toxin. Leave the garden gnome here – it’s safe in the chamber, but be sure to pick it back up when Alyx has recovered. In every nest, there is a great nectarium where the creatures store their most precious glandular extract. You should be able to jump into a burrow just off the next cliff. Destroy the zombies that are nearby, and open the gate. Weigh it down with the two I-beam bundles below, the I-beam bundle in the corner and a barrel near the counterweight, then press the switch to start the lift, and push the weights off. Aperture Science Sentry Turret.

Any extract taken from this nest will be of highest quality! Please notify the administrators before removing this template. Vote Sign up to access this! The one thing I did notice different on the final time was that Alyx seemed to be doing a little more to help the cause. You should be able to exit near an odd circle shape. Anyway – the vortigaunt should get off the lift, and walk down the short tunnel to a metal shutter door leading to a room full of antlion extract. This area is covered by zombies.

H elp this poor soul fix the Missing Map Error After a minute, he’ll also jump on a lift.

Donate to the OverWiki. Well, i had a save just before Alyx reaches the button for elevator. Run back and flip the switch. Jallen Jallen 10 years ago 3 It’s happened to me before but i ran back down the area and then to the elevator and he moved after that.

Meet up with him at the top and just enjoy the fight below you.

Some kind of bug at “T-Minus”

Okay, the door you need is a boarded up door just a bit further on the path. The lift, however, is raised by a counterweight, and to get down, you need to place a few heavy items on the lift. You can pull the box on the middle supply crate off without any danger.


Mines are located to the left of the breach, as well as left of Careful with the ropes; those are barnicles that want to pull you up. Go up to the end and use the ladder to get to the next area. The biggest danger is the acid-lions, since they’ll temporarily knock down your health with their toxin. When you first see the ancient guardian, it will charge towards you and smash the stalgmites.

Get into the little burrow ahead. Aug 2, Messages: Posted by tom I only found out at the end when i was reading through the available achievements that you can kill a hunter with its own flechettes, presumably with the gravity gun – so if you’re having trouble with them try that. The whole area will start spawning acid-lions, antlions, zombies and zombine. Keep watch on the ceiling to look for the fourth cache on the ceiling – but be careful as opening it will drop a live grenade.

Well, I’m stuck on Episode Two.

This page was last modified on 6 Januaryat Once we have the extract, we can rejoin them quickly, provided we lofe restore elevator function. Put the 2 bundles you pulled out onto the lift. Become a member today and start sharing your creations!

He collects it then you go back to the lift and ride it back up. There are a few barnacles and a headcrab, but that’s it.

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We need to make it through the long forest path all the way up to White Forest to join the rebel base. If the timing is right, you won’t meet the queen. Before that, I played off and on for a few days, probably elisode a couple hours wandering that cavern, trying everything I could think of to trigger him to run.


You need to slip past the guardian this time; get him to approach, and sprint down the corridor to the right and into the alcove. You should now be on the lower floor of the elevator. Look to the right and notice vortlgaunt boxes on the mine cars. That’s a battle for next chapter though. It will fall and create a bridge.

I think something must have happened with the two game saves, because it wasn’t until I loaded a third, older save and played up to that point that it worked ie: Demonio Joined 13y ago. Our friend will ride it down.

You’ve also got an antlion queen to outrun. Once most of the zombies are gone, step out and blast them vortigzunt. Now, you should return to a regular mine section. Search titles only Posted by Member: I didn’t do anything different, just whacked the Guards as before, and finally the Vort earned his paycheck.

The AI can behave oddly if you are ahead of where they are meant to be leading you.

Don’t go out just yet though. Forgot your username or password? I’ve even reloaded a save from llife calling the elevator down, but the same thing happened – am I missing something really obvious? Use the gravity gun to pull the table out of the fan, and then start walking forward.