On Apr 15, Ayesha talks to Lajjo and asks her to eat. She drops the knife. The driver tells Barkha that he has to call the mechanic to repair the car. Nikhil says its very good, but spicy, your hands have magic. She says I have to send her to Delhi to her in laws house.

Nikhil tells Ishaana lets go out somewhere else I will drop you home. Anu says will you go back then. He says its not known where is he, he is missing. Her mum scolds Lajjo and taunts her. Nikhil says yes, fine. She says he will scorn you and overlook you. Nani is very happy.

He is married to Lajjo and he is gustqkh someone else, how. He tells her to trust her Nikhil. Ishaana throws the flowers. Ishaana asks Nikhil to decide her outfit for her.

She says what, when did she meet you. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Nikhil says we are married and you are worried thinking I will leave you. He says Nikhil does not love Lajjo. She is shocked to see him still outside.

Nikhil slowly realizing what Lajjo meant for him in Gustakh Dil

Nikhil signs to her epiosde apologizes to her. She says how can she do this with you, no, she can do this, she wants Nikhil. He says I can always take care of you. Koi gila yustakh nahi………………. Forget her now, its all over, there is no point now, its good why should she not love her life. Sagar thinks what Nikhil told him that Jasmine blamed him of molestation.


A password will be e-mailed to you. Samrat says yes, he has hidden it from us. Chaya says it looks he is missing Lajjo.

He says its mine now as it has beautiful memories, it means a lot to me. She asks epiode could she have been able to she get harm. Ayesha says I know you miss Lajjo a lot.

Rosy scares Nikhil and shows some designs to Ishaana. She says you are lying, CBI saved wrutten. She says however things between us…. He comes to the room.

He says we will start a new life and make a small house. He says it has only one number, Nikhil ji. Lajjo is shocked seeing her. Saraswati says its new place. Lajjo gets her hand off and says I know you will attempt to control him, I will keep my eyes on you, I will uncover you when correct time comes.

Nikhil comes to meet Anu and tells her his decision. She says you will dependably be a child for me regardless of the possibility that you get old. She goes to meet Jasmine and confronts her about her obsession for Nikhil. Learn how your comment data is processed. He asks her not to go to Lajjo, I will go.


Lajjo being confident about her true love challenges Jasmine in Gustakh Dil

She says she wanted to plant misunderstandings between us, she did this. He says no, he is dead, Lajjo got punished. She says she will be fine after having food.

Writteen password will be e-mailed to you. Lajjo tastes rpisode and says it great. Nikhil wakes up and Chaya brings tea for him. She says you got hurt by me, I know, pardon me.

Inder talks to her and says we both lost our son, everyone has lost Nikhil, please understand.

Gustakh Dil 24th February Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

He did not make me happy ever, I lost my son because of him. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Ayesha comes to meet Adhiraj.

Adhiraj comes to meet Shalini writtej kisses her hand, seeing her fine. He feels his life is incomplete without Lajjo. Ayesha says I will bring a new one. Like 0 Dislike 0.

Nikhil thinks that Lajjo gave oil for Nani. Will Lajjo be able to expose Jasmine to Nikhil?