A young rider is wounded when he is suspected of being a horse thief’s accomplice. One of the drifters who killed a man’s dog is found dead. The premiere episode was introduced by John Wayne. A father gets rid of witnesses against his murderous son. Matt sets out to clear Emmett Dooley, who has been accused of murdering one of his hunting companions. The Museum of Broadcast Communications. Parsley Smith, a teller of tall tales, claims the new town banker is plotting to make off with the depositors’ money. Three drovers find their way of life jeopardized by the railroad.

An orphaned girl is turned away by her only relative. A nasty gunfighter kills a drunk to force Matt into a showdown. Charles Marquis Warren episodes 40—49, 51—52, 57 , Norman Macdonnell episodes 50, 53—56, 58—78 Regular cast: Matt and Chester track down a horse thief. Michael Fisher Teleplay by: An ex-lawman and old friend of Matt’s arrives in Dodge with failing eyesight, and a man who wants to kill him.

Harvey Marlowe and Paul Savage Teleplay by: Philip Leacock; associate producer: Season Three Volume 2 “. A politically ambitious Indian agent falsely accuses Matt of participating in a murder committed on the reservation. Robert Totten Teleplay by: A bounty is placed on Indians for allegedly massacring a camp site.

The residents of Dodge are wondering where Joe Nadler gets all his money — and where he goes to spend it. Since a fortune-hunting cowboy is engaged to a wealthy woman, he is suspected of murdering her brother, who objected to their union. Matt joins a cattle drive to prevent violence between a trail boss and his hands.

Charles Marquis Warren; associate producer: The town drunk witnesses a man killing his wife’s alleged lover. Matt meets a girl who ran away from an orphanage that functions like a prison. A group of bounty hunters intend to get even with Gunsmokd.


Quint tries to convince an Army officer that white renegades are responsible for starting the gunxmoke Indian uprising. A rival saloon owner forces Kitty into a deadly competition. Kitty’s old boyfriend sets her up in a bank robbery.

Ray Kemper Teleplay by: A pair of outlaws return to Dodge to see their dying mother and take Kitty and Doc hostage.

The Pillagers

Crusty old Sally Fergus nurses a wounded young outlaw named Cyrus Pike back to health. A nasty gunfighter kills a drunk to force Matt into a showdown. Search for ” The Pillagers ” on Amazon. Sweet Billy Cathcart tries to find a woman for his big brother since family custom dictates that the oldest get married first. A notorious gunfighter comes to Dodge, making the townspeople curious as to who he’s after. Matt and Chester act as decoys to ambush renegade Indians.

A cowboy vows revenge for the shooting of his friend, who was mistaken for a criminal. Two old ranch partners have a falling out. All five television movies have been released on DVD as well. In season eleven —66another deputy, Clayton Thaddeus Greenwood Roger Ewingwas added to the cast.

A stray bullet ruins a frontiersman’s hat, setting off a chain reaction of violence and retribution. Matt has to stop a cold-blooded killer Charles Bronson who preys on over-matched opponents.

It seems like every time she is on a stage something terrible happens and Matt has to come to the rescue near the end of the show. Matt investigates an alleged Indian pillavers that seems to have wiped out a family. The man who threatened to kill Chester arrives in town. Matt uses a young man’s guilty conscience to find the men responsible for lynching a suspected rustler.


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A military prison escapee shows up in Dodge. A stranger comes to Dodge to avenge his father’s hanging. Matt and a sheriff face off against a lynch mob. Festus tries to talk a teenager into leaving a gang of men who cut the skins off dead cattle. A farmer sends his sons into town to pick up brides. Later, Siple piloagers Ticks track down Abby and, upon locating her, start treating her “somethin’ terrible. Kitty clashes with the tyrannical mother of a rancher she just rescued.

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A journalist looking for a sensational story talks Matt into reopening a murder case, where the marshal finds himself the prime suspect. An out-of-work actor gets in trouble for playing marked cards. James Favor Teleplay by: An ex-convict returns home to find the loot he stashed. Phoebe Strunk and her murderous clan terrorize Dodge.

Guest Cast Vito Scotti Savrin. Edit Cast Episode cast overview: Also featured is Bruce Dern in a celebrated performance. An outlaw shoots Pjllagers and leaves him to die in the desert of Chihuahua.