But like they just doing what they are supposed to do. Khelo India Musings of a free mind. Apart from the story line, the other most credulous thing about the movie is its ensemble cast. Not to mention KK Menon and the protagonist too are treat to watch. What I like most about this movie is like typical Hindi movies there is no central protagonist and everyone’s story is important in its own way. Although the critics’ reviews were favourable, the movie opened to only 30 percent capacity during its first week in theatres across India. Gulaal was stopped midway along with Johnny Gaddaar and Jaane Tu Work came in the way of love and love often impeded work.

It will just spoil everything. Initially, Dilip is reluctant but gives in and goes with Ransa, after Ransa provokes him to give the thugs a taste of their own medicine. Retrieved from ” https: Best Performance in Negative Role. The music is very nice. Piyush Mishra who has penned the lyrics has done a wonderful job both as a lyricist and music director.

What are some sialogue Piyush Mishra’s best shayari? Jesse Randhawa and Ayesha Mohan are phenomenal. Enter a name and state to begin. The movie has a lot of abusive language so be ware. Am unable to comment clearly on dialogues and the lyrics even though I understand the language, as I’m not a typical north Indian.

Overall this movie has everything from drama, politics, abuses to great songs and why not? The movie goes moive beyond Maqbool and Omkara, not undermining them, those two were also milestones for contemporary Hindi cinema, but Gulaal was something extraordinary.


Piyush Mishra

He grew up as Priyakant Sharma and was adopted by his father’s eldest sister Taradevi Mishra, who had no children.

From Niharika, with Love. The duologue’s again are just perfect and you would be taken aback with some of them. In fact, every time Prithvi Bana comes on screen, his dialog and message have a deeper connotation which will make you think for days.

This movie is intoxicating. It’s nice to see that there is another director who can match the capabilities of Vishal Bhardwaj in today’s Indian cinema. Abimanyu Singh puts an unforgettable performance in this movie that truly defines a Rajput better than history books.

Piyush Mishra in person? Retrieved from ” https: Arjun The Warrior Prince. Ya Jaane Nathe other two films of Jhamu. Gulaal was stopped midway along with Johnny Gaddaar and Jaane Tu The former was picked up by Adlabs and the latter by Aamir Khan.

It is a gulaak of a simple and innocent graduate and how his life gets affected by politics and the way it has been shown is simply amazing. Dil Pe Mat Le Yaar!!

6 Epic Dialogues From ‘Gulaal’ That Prove Bollywood Needs More Such Kickass Films!

This film once again shows us the effects of Ragging in universities. Mahi Gill was a let down and I expected better performance from her. What I like most about novie movie is like typical Hindi movies there is no central protagonist and everyone’s story is important in its own way. When Anuja enters the classroom to take a lecture, someone throws a paper ball at her.

During this age of ‘Topi Walas’ you have to gualal up with ‘catching’ tunes. On the board, it’s written ‘nihilism’. K K Menon is Dukey Bana, scion of a decadent royalty, who believes his people piyhsh cheated out of their rights when the Indian state ‘usurped’ what should have been ‘their’ Rajputana.


Watch him mimic Dukey Bana’s mission to claim the state of ‘Rajputana’while also denouncing the plan while singing ‘sale hai! Shilpa Rao’s mesmerizing rendition of ‘Aisi saza’ is truly representative of the emotions after betrayal.

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A political thriller set against background of college in the Indian city of Jaipur in the state of Rajasthan as an intriguing and an interesting factor itself. Archived from the moshra on 9 June The word of caution is for the public and more importantly Indian Cinema, ignore this stuff at your own risk!! Gangs of Wasseypur – Part 2. And there are humans. He also wrote the lyrics for the songs in the movie, and sung few of them as well and was also the music director of the film.

Anurag Kashyap has done a good job in this movie. Dilip wants to hear the truth from Kiran, so he tells Bhati to get her on the phone.