They don’t let you meet everyday in jail. I never liked this relationship. If all this had happened after the elections.. I’ve heard so much. I don’t want to go anywhere. I don’t know to silence those children who have been hungry for last 2 days.. How far have you studied?

Be quiet for 2 minutes. Yes, he’s ready since morning. I’ll make the groom our singer. You’ll go even before that. So control your anger. Give it to me. I have an appointment.

Pawan, life runs on adjustments. Thank you so much for this movie upload. Won’t you show face? We’ll step ahead together.

Nah, I’ll support this site when it declares Did you leave cigarette or wife? But they forget that the arms of the poor may be short. The film also stars Juhi Chawla and englih slated to release March 7. What are you staring at? Madam, it’s getting a bit delayed.

He slapped you and kicked you. But you’re such a big player.


Because it was Rajjo who taught right and wrong to Mahi. Troubles don’t come up with uncle’s permission. We paid the full amount, sir. Sarju’s father, aren’t you going to do anything? What do you think? I’ll be back in a jiffy. I’m going to jail not to hospital. Nobody is ready to come with us. And you can find him on your own. Yes, he’s ready since morning.

That’s why I drink from personal bottle only. Through the back road. I will stay here with you.

Gulaab Gang () Hindi in SD – Einthusan

And then I’ll make subittles wear it. Hence, sending offensive comments using daijiworld will be purely at your own risk, and in no way will Daijiworld. Can I get a glass of water? We want to fight for those kids.

Please try and understand. How dare you talk like this in front of them?

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So others can find this clip. Rajjo, I never did anything with cop permissions. You just make a superhit slogan like. As for uploads, it takes them over a year or never. When he has gone deaf, he won’t listen to anyone.


‘Gulaab Gang’ trailer with English, French subtitles –

Superb acting by Madhuri and Jhuhi. The tea got cold. So many payments are pending.

If I play with you, I can’t learn anything. I don’t understand anything anymore, Didi. Everyone watch in this big set. She’ll tell us what to do with you?