Your name or email address: This thread will be locked soon. This is just the skin. It may be counter-productive to have this discussion here – it should take place at F1Classic or on that facebook page. Real car [ Login to Download ]. House of Portie Downloads: Yes, my password is: I’ve read great things about it and It sounds like a great mod.

Yes, my password is: Luc Alphand Aventures [ Login to Download ]. One thing that has popped out- the Merc is way over powered! Please enter your rFactorCentral email address. Alex Job Racing Downloads: Novatech2 id like others cars GT3 [ Login to Download ].

Jul 7, Messages: Je me lance dans les skins. And when there’s no modding in rF2 and we are starved for GT content, you have no one to thank other than people like this. Last edited by a moderator: It’s a real car. Fais avec CS5 OK to contact for custom skins: This is just the skin and you can use it like you want.

Thank you so much, all involved in the production of this mod, it is the answer to my prayers!!! Super Taikyu Championship. I endutance PATR10T about it once and he said he took them down to avoid people getting isiues because of mixing the old and new mod.


GT3 Base / ADAC GT Masters 2012 / Blancpain Endurance 2012 Update 17.5.13

No Type of Work: Thanks to him, there will be no more updates here so make sure you let him know your appreciation in a PM to let him know how glad you are he has shed some light on this! Peugeot Xeries [ Login to Download ]. No, create an account now. Register on RFC and access: Berg Racing team [ Login to Download ]. LM10 [ Login to Download ]. Oct 5, Messages: LM09 endurznce Login to Download ]. You seris log in or sign up to reply here. Lets not poke the bear. This is a fictionnal livery inspired by Matmut Oreca team.

As new cars and fixes come out, I’ll update the rfmod on FB to keep everyone up to date.

Jan 12, Messages: Adidas [ Login to Download ]. LMS10 [ Login to Download ]. C Hohenadel and L. Alex Job Racing Downloads: Go to page ‘, event.

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Flying Lizard [ Login to Download ]. GT Tour for Blancpain series This is just the skin. Karl Wendlinger and Peter Kox. Spyder evo prot Downloads: You can’t just ruin esries reputation because you think you see some similarities in models.


Erik Comas [ Login to Download ]. This is fictionnal team [ Login to Download ]. But the base mod was updated, not sure if these skins still work on it anyway. Share This Page Tweet. Patriot please, take some advice how to make bots see my setup. House of Portie Downloads: Peugeot Gulf [ Login to Download ]. Skin adapted from 202 mod [ Login to Download ].

You can create team with it. Sep 23, Messages: Falken [ Login to Download ]. Damien Toulemonde and David Zollinger.

Telecom LM09 [ Login to Download ]. It may be counter-productive to have this discussion here – it should take place at F1Classic or on that facebook page. Guys, the point he made is valid.

Skagen Motorsport [ Login to Download ].

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The only way to God is called Jesus, not religion, just Jesus. Forgot your username or password? You can use with Blancpain Endurance Series V1.