Please consult with your own financial advisor before you tempt fate by following our evil speculation. Had a really busy day today, saw the overnight was down this morning, decided to just sit tight on shorts. Such is life as a trader in bear markets. USO The daily 5 ema at Bots having a blast going back and forth over the highest volume profile on the spoos. GG My husband and I grew up in the Portland area.

Look back to 29th October, a bull trap in all its glory:. Should we be stopped out I would flip almost immediately for a long position with a still to be determined stop below, most likely over 20 handles away. That dip was bought hard….. That was a nice run higher and now we want to see participation turn South. Eventually they gap up. What Does It Take? However of course the possibility of a complete wipe out here remains.

Gather round with the morning coffee. You can guess what usually happens when too many people are on deries side of the boat. Your on it Chief!

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You can break rule 1 with sufficient justification. I follow you on that one, but I am still waiting to see if the move has legs. Some here are great at incorporating it.


The others above and below are standard deviations of VWAP. I took the Scott Phillips course on EW. Until that happens the bears have a good chance to take this market down, but it finally needs to happen. Already two rejections approx at this level.

Had a really busy day today, saw the overnight serirs down this morning, decided to just sit tight on shorts. Nobody actually trades gas. Just might get volatile today. What comes after is the start of the rest of the technical action that defines the day. Nice trade for those that had the cojones and bought the end of that selling wave. Which means a lot of big players are going to take time off, thus less participation.

I have no counts Sir…. I played the instant death path and kept it tight. Too good to be true the move was to me.

If the bulls can break the current series of lower highs and lower lows then BTFD buyers will be encouraged to step back in. I see buying in bio today, I say the down move is near complete, gap closed…lots of cheap symbols PE wise, rotation somewhere. Tvi basically cured myself of counting. Lots of seriew lost everything, death toll is going higher, it was a death trap with those winds, dry everything and lack of local and federal forest management praying for the folks in Butte County https: Agreed but it seems some people really hold on to their bias….


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Realized Versus Implied Volatility. Up til 23rd November, seasonals show a final washout. Short ew3x8 from ….

I am very fortunate too having great parents also. EW is great after the fact. SPX My targets If you are already short then do absolutely nothing. Lots of rainy parades there.

This Bear Roars But It Doesn’t Run (Yet)

Looks like a bull trap! The last bearish divergence off the highs was a screaming short trade, sure wish I took it. Yes, Master Yoda, The force moves fast, mind must think quicker than ego….