We have real affection for the design, though. First off, you don’t need a headphone amp for this. I’m no audiophile, but I wanted to get the best sound out of my music collection without spending hundreds on expensive speakers or headphones. For Excellent treble and midrange detail Lively sound Tight bass. I read enough about these to probably skew my review. Not a problem usually, but I can see that I may need a closed set with good isolation from time to time Prestige Series Ranging from entry level to one of our highest rated, this classic series is the best way to experience the Grado sound for the first time. The 60’s are good, no doubt but I enjoyed every type of music more with the 80’s.

Several people noted that the 80’s are superior only if you’re plugging them into an amp and that the 60’s are better if you’re limited to a portable player. What I will agree with others is that they are very direct, not much soundstage, impressively clear sound. And what a sound! All of our accessories are genuine manufacturer parts. Best Selling in Headphones See all. These smaller body wooden pairs are hand-built with drivers specifically tuned for mahogany. The Grado SR80es are exceptional and exceptionally odd headphones; very similar to the SR80is they replace.

My friends iPhone and older Droid x worked sseries fine. I’m running lossless files and I sampled rock albums, including live recordings, h igh-production value pop vocals and even Beethoven’s Piano Sonata Bass is tight with not alot of boom, certainly not muddy and it doesn’t leak. Rock music, especially heavy rock music, sounds powerful and in your face. For phono cartridges we sell replacement styli for the Prestige Series. Reference Series The welcoming sound of these mahogany headphones is what started our love for building with wood.


But the SR80 puts out a very tight and natural-sounding bass, and it only improves after break-in. They are super comfortable in my opinion, I can wear them and fall asleep, no pain.

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See Headphones A step forward in sonic reproduction. The earpad style is unorthodox too.

Let your budget decide. For the price, probably about as good as they come. Going back and forth between the two Grado’s for over half an hour, it became obvious that the SR80 sounded better. I bought thease headphones becouse I like music and I wont to hear something better then my old headphones. The adjustable and soft headband enables you to wear these Grado ear buds with ultimate comfort.

But they give a different sound stage, and these are good. These ear-cup Grado wired headphones fit impeccably on your ears, letting you listen to music for hours. After doing a little research, I’ve decided to try out Grado, and the SR80 did not disappoint. I do think these have to graddo driven to be listened to properly. More than 65 years of experience goes into every pair we build today.

Open-back on-ear headphones are a rarity and this pair show unwavering confidence in their unusual approach. Oen have real affection for the design, though. backes


Against Not the most relaxed sound. They’re considerably more comfortable too.

Listen prestigee surgical precision through this metal and wood hybrid lineup. Also, if you’re buying new, many enthusiast websites recommend that you “break in” the headphones some places recommend at least 24 hours of usage, other people break headphones in for days.

Grado Labs – SR80e

These are lively headphones with excellent midrange and treble detail, as well as swift, deep bass for a pair of this size and style. Those worried about this should also take a look at the Sennheiser HD s, which sound larger and smoother, if not as lively. This is important to me because I wanted sweet sounding cans for home listening but my Fatman amp doesn’t have a headphone jack.

Their dynamics, detail and clarity are all-but-unmatched at the price. Best over-ear headphones My Zune 30 powers these cans easily enough. You can hear the difference with these. See Phono Cartridges The finest in the world. The bits that need to be metal are metal, but the rest is plastic.