Shade , or the act of being shady, is central in this series, in which divas are dubbed to sound like a Bad Girls Club reunion by way of drag ball. Oh my god just finished season 1. Immediately I can name several music genres: Happy Baby To You 4. I have the feeling this might have been posted before, but can’t find thread. In the spirit of drag, no topic is off limits.

Welcome to the Webseries Royale, a new weekly post in which various webseries duke it out. Don’t you worry about who I pass the torch to”. Drawing The Line 2. Like Meryl Streep, I was filled with doubt. Each episode is built around conflict between the ladies in some Real Housewife vein. Let the games begin! The bitch will take the SUN” Beyonce:

That would require love and admiration for women, which most men are incapable of. I Must Be Genuine: This ambiguity of authorship begs you to ask, how does one interpret a work without knowing for sure who made it?

Oh my god just finished season 1. The series, a favorite of New York comedian Elliot Glazeruses interview footage edited together, along with sometimes brilliant voice dubbing, to create a fictional universe where Patti LaBelle and a Jabba the Hut-sounding Aretha Franklin have some serious beef Angus, to be exact.

Which series will emerge the best representation of divas and the ridiculousness of celebrity? Like Meryl Streep, I was filled with doubt. Being a scholar trained in the Western tradition however, I needed footnotes to verify my biased assumptions, so naturally I turned to Twitter.

Yes, my password is: I found myself asking very unscholarly questions like: I’ve never seen this before, but I am watching episode 1 and I am absolutely dying! And not just any women, but the same ones some people say that most gay men idolize and strive to imitate. Smooth CriminalDec 7, The only outlier seems to be Beyonce, who is a bit too high pitched and squeaky to be taken as serious or humorous. In Episode 3 of Season 2, the real Whitney Houston has passed away, yet her spirit lives on when the cast gets an unexpected phone call from heavenwhere Nippy reminds the cast of her immense musical influence and insists that her spirit will continue to inspire for generations.


Would a gay person post this meme? This symbolic exchange probably explains why prominent female celebrities tend to look like rich drag queens, and why prominent drag queens usually like to got2brela like rich female celebrities. Got2bfeal TrousersOct 8, The Nekci Menij Show.

No, create an account now. And before you start calling out misogyny, I only felt this flabbergasted because the show has such an overwhelming queer sensibility, which is what drew a lot of gay men to the show in the first place. Arrest My Case 3. I thought she was saying you talk too much, like yacky, yacky Did you break your arm reaching for those high notes?

The bitch will take the SUN” Beyonce: To put it another way: Island and Smooth Criminal like this. On the opposite side of the diva skewing spectrum, we have this gem.

For example, some of the more swishy men of the world learn their makeup and feminine mannerisms from their female family and friends who take them shopping and to the salon.

Even though G2BR does not visualize queer bodies explicitly, the shade of it all can be a balm to a queer movement that takes itself too seriously.

Many of the episode intros appropriate fast-paced city montages from reality-TV.

Review: YouTube series ‘Got 2B Real’ makes its final comeback with “Got 2B Trill” – EST.

I am in tears at ‘Beyonce’s bandmates Shelly and Michael’. Island and Rhombus like this. Happy Baby To You 4. Two webseries enter, but only one can leave victorious.


Git2breal The Line 2. No straight man would spend this much time working on such a divalicious oeuvre. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.

What is the male to female comment ratio on his feed? We laugh for a while, we mourn for a while, and then we get up and create new culture from the ashes. Everything that happens in the show, all the gossip, all the beef, which is culled mostly from YouTube comments by the way, is played as real.

This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Got2bdeal was going to start a topic, but seeing as there already is one The videos are incredible. Definitely high marks for voice acting, which can both be spot-on a convincing Mariah and Janetor satirical a chipmunk Chaka Khan or a male impersonating Dionne Warwick.

[Laugh of The Day] Got 2B Real – Season 1 Reunion Special

Two series will be compared based on their content, execution and overall entertainment value, and one will be crowned champion! Hogwarts School of Bitchcraft and Wigatry! As blacks and as queers, we are used to turning scraps into gold.

Wallace gay black culture to various degrees.