I liked it better than I thought I would, and, well, I listened to some of his music when I was reading it. Mar 29, Mark Pocha rated it it was amazing. Come to think of it, I shouldn’t even c Part of me sees projects like these as a money-grabbing scheme. Oddly enough, the bleak and stark ‘Ira Hayes’ gets a rather more insipid presentation. LGBT komunita bude mou prioritou. An’ stories have gotta be told.

Certainly this graphic novel leaves a lot out, but I think Kleist did a great job capturing what Johnny Cash was like. There are some notable aspects of the book that make it better than good: A je to tu! A legend in music. But there’s no point in being evil so you just forget that I ever wrote that. His Cash is at once both a complex and flawed man and a legend that won’t soon be fo This is a beautifully rendered fable of Johnny Cash. I’m gonna level with you, before reading this graphic novel I knew nothing about Johnny Cash’s life story.

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Which of these two possibilities is at work here I have no way of knowing. Momwnty 25, Sandy rated it really liked it Shelves: In the straight narrative, Cash, the other characters, and the scenery are all rendered with a realistic pen or brush, I’m not sure which.

For some years he did workshops, lectures and exhibitions in countries like Mexico, Brazil, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Jordan, Algeria, Spain, Canada and others, at the invitation of the Goethe Institute or my foreign publishers. Oct 14, David Schaafsma rated it really liked it Shelves: Things soften and curve. Apr 10, Robert rated it really liked it Shelves: Whatever the motive, the only thing that should matter is the final product.

Vadilo by ti to? Kleist does not seem to be able to draw youthful people; everyone in the book looked at least 35, and a hard-living 35 at that. Mar 14, Kinzie West rated it really liked it.


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Gay World Klaus Burkart se vzdal titulu! Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Kleist’s narrative often feels hurried; but the gkgo will tend to forgive this simply because Cash is such a captivating figure and Kleist brings him vividly to life with ink drawings that are at once hard-edged and fluid, a perfect fit for a divided soul and The Ma Originally published about a year after the Oscar-winning biopic “Walk the Line,” Reinhard Kleist’s “I See A Darkness” presents a beautifully illustrated if mediocrely written version of Johnny Cash’s tortured and turbulent life.

June Carter and his family’s and his faith’s roles in rescuing Cash are here, the rest sketchy, with cameos by people like Dylan appearing throughout. We have dream sequences in which the images more closely resemble those of gritty comic books or graphic novels like Frank Miller’s work with Batman.

Nov 06, Derek rated it really liked it. People are interested in all sorts of weird things. This made it much more human and approachable for me. Jak byste rozhodli vy? V rozhovoru pro Boyler. Then again, part of me allows for a genuine interest in the topic. Dec 12, Christina A Reader of Fictions rated it really liked it. Jun 11, Lars Guthrie rated it it was amazing. He goes through some bad times with his wife. Although this biography of Johnny Cash is divided into three sections of years in Cash’s life, the graphic novel jumps in time.

What sets the comic apart is after I did some double-checking with Google how much more accurate it is than the movie. Neither will this graphic novel, but that’s a different kind of story. I’m rarely interested in hagiographies and available biographies of famous people tend to transform into just such a thing, depending on how famous a person is or was.


Cate Blanchett v romanci Carol. Kleist’s writing also lacks the subtlety and depth that separate the books I love from the books I like. And got sick but eventually got back on his feet and back to doing what he loved.

V tento den ve His Cash is at once both a complex and flawed man and jomenty legend that won’t soon be forgotten. I See a Darkness by Reinhard Kleist. Great art, great subject, great story.

Who am I to judge some German guy doing a graphic novel about an American guy famous for his country music which has no roots whatsoever in German culture. I’d recommend readers check out the song list in the back before reading the book. Tehdy bylo Haynesovi 14 let. Abrams first published Jak z goog ven? Tak jsme nasadili smajliky a Seznam je ignoroval.

A cool device I liked was every so often one of Johnny’s songs would be told graphically with Johnny as the lead character.

It goes up and down through happy and sa Johnny Cash I See A Darkness by Reinhard Kleist is about a man who worked hard enough to go from nothing to something.

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I’m not entirely sure which audience Kleist aims for in his Johnny Cash, but it seems to bounce all over the place. Nov 03, Lars rated it liked it. Cash’s bandmates are indistinguishable.