Artie suffers a head injury in which he slips on ice and has an epiphany through a dream sequence in which he reflects what may have happened if he never was in a wheelchair and glee club never formed. Falchuk also had aspirations to bring back Alex Newell Wade at some point during season four. The Glee Project Glee: She gets a surprise visit from her mother, Shelby, who offers some very valuable advice. New Directions prepare for and perform at Sectionals with dramatic results. So needless to say, my heart hurts and I want Season 4 to come. This site uses cookies. Rachel also has another run in with Cassandra, her dance instructor, and Kurt and Rachel visit Lima, resulting in Cassandra seducing Brody to spite Rachel.

Retrieved September 22, The glee club puts together a sexy calendar to raise funds for the bus to Regionals, and Finn has a major confrontation with Sue. Brad Falchuk also revealed that Will Matthew Morrison and Emma Jayma Mays would still be engaged when the season began, and he went on to state there would be many new faces during the season, also commenting that Rachel would have a roommate and new friends in New York. New Directions members deal with their own conflicts by performing songs created by feuding artists. Everyone’s nervous as the girls of New Directions ask their desired guys. Will states that movies and films are another way to calm people down from the day-to-day anxieties, in this case, himself being left at the altar by Emma in the last episode. Retrieved August 16,

Past and present New Directions members attend Will and Emma’s Valentine’s Day wedding, where they are invited to be the singers. Artie is keeping a secret from his seasoon special guest star Katey Sagalbut Kitty steps in to help Artie come clean.


Retrieved May 15, For their weekly assignment, Will gives the kids the theme “Last Chance” seasson the hopes their fear of the impending disaster will inspire them to live each day as if it could be their last. Retrieved February 29, Retrieved July 13, The Glee Club peps up for the competition as they perform their th musical performance on the show.

Blaine checks in on Sebastian and the Warblers when the glee club gets its Nationals trophy stolen and is given a tempting offer—to rejoin the Warblers. The Glee Project winner Blake Jenner was given a recurring role—set for at least seven episodes—starting with the fifth episode; he plays Ryder Lynn, a new McKinley student, who joins New Directions with Finn’s glef.

Schue look at her original music as an alternative for Regionals. Two actresses appeared in multi-episode guest-starring arcs as part of the New York sequences: Retrieved September 14, Sue struggles to get a Secret Santa present for Marley’s mother, Millie, but has a change of heart after seeing Marley and Millie struggle. Promotional poster and home media cover art. gled

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By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. McKinley High loses power, and New Directions performs acoustically while electricity is unavailable.

Kurt is sexson NYC, too? This site uses cookies.

List of Glee episodes. The show’s major couples face serious problems in their relationships: Falchuk also had aspirations to bring back Alex Newell Wade at some point during season four. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Rachel continues to struggle in adjusting to life at NYADA and in New York, as well as the constant tormenting of Cassandra, but gets help from new friend and classmate Brody.


Retrieved April 26, Meanwhile, Ryder starts online chatting with a mysterious girl, with whom he expresses great interest. If you’re a Gleek, you should follow this blog!

Retrieved March 9, Santana starts to distrust Brody, as she thinks he is hiding something and after she confronts him at NYADA, she is asked by Rachel and Kurt to move out.

Glee Season 4 Spoilers: Confirmed! THIS Couple Is Definitely Breaking Up

Notify me of new posts via email. Rachel finally finds out the truth about Brody’s extra-curricular activities. Sarah Jessica Parker and Vogue.

I think they even do a song together so they run around and hold hands and sing. Meanwhile, Marley and Jake try to tell each other what they really feel.

Emma does not join Will at the altar, and at the reception afterward, some past relationships are possibly rekindled, current ones progress, and new ones may be beginning. He meets and forms a friendship with Adam, who is the leader of the glee club Adam’s Apples.

Retrieved April 7,