Lists of American children’s animated television series episodes Lists of American comedy-drama television series episodes Lists of American teen drama television series episodes Lists of Nickelodeon television series episodes As Told by Ginger. Despite the skepticism of everyone and more than a few things going wrong during the skit such as the tape recording she was performing to malfunctioning in the middle of her routine , Macie ends up winning the talent show. But it turns out he “just wanted to say ‘hey'”, not get a date. Lois is at work at the time of Ginger’s performance, and has sunflowers sent to the school with a card signed “Dad”, but Ginger realizes that Lois sent the flowers and her father let her down. He’s the youngest of the main cast at 7 years old, and is Carl and Hoodsey’s classmate, having moved up a couple grades because of his intellect. The Wedding Frame Review”. She insists on calling Dodie and Hoodsey by their real names, and hates being referred to as “JoJo”. High although she have some difficulties to fit in high school.

She has even been resentful of the otherwise idolized Courtney Gripling, becoming jealous when she invites Ginger to participate in social events such as birthday parties or sleepovers , or when she believes Ginger is closer to Courtney than she is to her, like when they are seen seemingly sharing secrets during a fire drill though in this case, her fears are actively stoked by Miranda. Miranda eventually finds out and has Courtney hire Lois to clean her house to embarrass Ginger. Emily Kapnek Teleplay by: But this version was replaced before initial North American broadcasts with another version performed by Cree Summer. Licorice how to ride a motorcycle for a pet talent show. Meanwhile, Carl and Hoodsey try to free the city groundhog so they use the situation for product endorsement. Dave convinces Carl to wear a fake chin before going into surgery to make his real one larger. Also, Miranda refers to ‘her parents’ in Ginger’s Solo , so it can be assumed Miranda’s mother is alive and well.

Zorski reads it, she believes Ginger is suicidally depressed and makes her see the school psychologist. She appears to be closest to Miranda and shares her hate for Ginger. Ginger’s other best friend is Macie, 12 years old.

Start your free trial. Now, trapped in a household on a remote farm, Austen must plan his escape. Dave plans on proposing to Lois, but the engagement ring gets stuck on Carl’s finger.

She breaks her leg and the foutleu decides to console her by making her an official member of the squad.


Ginger the Juvey

All this began to change, however, when he got his headgear off and instantly became attractive and popular. High although she have some foitley to fit in high school. Episodr after, he and his three sons are living in Lois’ house as Buzz fixes everything without asking, giving it a “man’s touch”.

When Ginger learns that the band program is being cut in order to pay for the football team’s stain resistant uniforms, she becomes angry and decides to start a petition to bring the band back, claiming that she is doing it to help Macie. In Fair to CloudyGinger invited Darren to the county fair without consulting her normal companions, Dodie and Macie. Mipsy and Miranda are also unhappy with the situation because now Ginger ignores them, making it impossible for them to embarrass her.

Joann’s picture in her middle school yearbook reads, “Missed Popularity” whilst her classmate, the true Josie MacDonald, was voted “Miss Popularity. Dave’s wedding, which Dr. Pressured to keep her announcements interesting and running out of news, Dodie finds the list of kids who have lice, and decides to read it over the loudspeaker when she discovers Courtney’s name on it.

Though in the series finale, The Wedding Frame Part 3Ginger “takes the leap” and is shown with Orion at her mother’s wedding.

Brandon Higsby is an annoying classmate of Carl. This becomes a bone of contention between the two friends, with Ginger worrying that Macie might lose herself in the charade and Macie eager to bask in her parents’ attention once more, leading Macie to openly reject her friend’s well-intentioned meddling.

In Dare I, Darren? He claims that his head noogies worked for him when he was trying to get a date with Mrs. Discover what drives these people to pioneer with their cameras where limits are unknown.

List of As Told by Ginger episodes. He almost always appears to be on the couch, though an important enough cause such as a death in the family will raise him. But as Carl turns him down time after time while trying to humiliate him in the processBlake tries to best the youngest Foutley whenever he can.

With Ginger one of the few students to attain his high standards, she’s also a favorite of him. Why the show still feels so real 10 years later”. It is summer vacationand Ginger, Dodie, and Macie take their annual trip to Camp Caprice, an all-girls camp.

Meanwhile, Carl puts together an all-hair ensemble and becomes Wolf Boy. She had a somewhat gothic appeal and she carried around a fake skull.



Macie is terrified and Ginger feels guilty because she thinks that this will tear their friendship apart. Not much else is known about Mipsy. She is however far less judgmental and controlling than her mother, perhaps thanks to influence from her mild, timid father and his sharper perception of the word.

Unaired in the U. Dave, is played over the credits. Zorski’s concern, who subsequently sent Ginger to the school counselor.

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Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? He is spoiled, devious, while being a gentleman; and despite always being at odds with Carl, deep down he wants to be his best friend. Though never having officially found his way back into the family, Jonas became more of an installation in the show, appearing at various intervals to give Ginger fatherly advice.

While performing her routine, the cheerleaders fall out of their pyramid and end up landing on top of Dodie.

The series also deals with several deeper themes. Hoodsey has a bad fall and gets amnesia.

In order to pay for all of the felonies and epissode penalties against him, he is stripped of all of his family fortune. In international English speaking broadcasts, the Melissa Disney and Cree Summer versions were used for seasons one and two broadcasts, while the Macy Gray version was used for season three. It has also been revealed that Ian has been raised by his single father.

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Courtney was expelled from the clique and Hope usurped her position as the most popular girl in school. Aside from Courtney, Ginger has a group of loyal friends Dodie Bishop and Macie Lightfootwho are nearly always ready to back her up. Meanwhile, Carl tries to raise money by fooling people into thinking he’s a psychic. Macie’s parents forget about her thirteenth birthday.

Macie is in a constant state of panic, as she is allergic to everything and fears change. It has been suggested that she comes from a wealthy Jewish family and that if Ginger got too close to Courtney, Mipsy would be the most likely to be bumped down on the popularity chart.