Majestic Prince Cover of the first manga volume. Genetic Awakening Monster Strike the Movie: There’s definitely some nice moves from Izuru. Email Twitter Facebook Google. However, the bomb is damaged during the infiltration and Ataru must work quickly to fix it while his companions risk their lives to protect him. The second ending returns for episodes , and My eyes can’t almost keep up.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. As for next week, it will be a downtime episode again. Possible that entire team has same potential. Back at the Wulgaru’s base, another commander learns of Teoria’s betrayal and Jiart resorts to extreme measures to silence him. However, at the mission, they discover the supply route is a reconnaissance squadron. Seven Arcs , Orange. The Vice Chief of Staff Komine orders them to attack the squad.

Izuru is invited by Teoria for a dinner, but their meeting is cut short when a small enemy detachment slips by the defense lines intending to reach Earth. Follow me Just rveiew it!

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My eyes can’t almost keep up. Presumably Jiart or Galkie, also being of royal blood, could countermand it — but her presence has definitely scrambled the puzzle pieces quite a bit.

There was nothing too surprising in the buildup to Izuru getting back into the game — things simply got so bad on the outside that there was no choice but to let him go the rest of the crew, clearly being mecha fans, gave him the green light even before Suzukaze did.


The Legend of Korra Book Two.

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After a long and exhausting battle, Team Rabbits succeed to defend the academy and defeat one of the Wulgaru’s main commanders despite their units get damaged almost beyond repair.

Can’t wait to see more! They would then “harvest” the genetic material as lamata preymajestkc hopes that it would improve their own genes.

It just shows how much Teoria affected Izuru if anything.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. This was very interesting to read and is totally according to what i was thinking, especially with Ange gender. BBCode You want to throw down? Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince. Team Doberman arrives so that the Team Rabbits can return.

Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince Episode 14 Discussion

The focus on Izuru this week was much appreciated Over the series, I feel that Izuru’s slowly but surely grown into his own. Kaname September 16, at 7: Meanwhile, news of their exploits reach the Wulgaru’s main council who recognize the Earthlings as the first race so far who made such a stand against them and starts addressing them by their name instead of labeling them as mere game.

However, the Wulgaru launch a surprise attack, and Team Rabbits’ mecha units are not prepared to defend them. Please Izuru, stop being such a ginga bishounen.

She brings the most of Izuru’s personality out of him whenever they are together so I consider it a highlight when she makes an appearance. Just came to echo what everyone’s already said. The second ending returns for episodesand Some of the action reminded me of Gundam Seed. Umaru-chan R Zoku Touken Ranbu: There’s definitely some nice moves from Izuru.


Izuru … please …. Dont bother replying to my posts in forums, dont check them afterwards. Think this is one of the best if not the best fight scene ive seen in ANY anime.

AnimeBoogiepopReviews. He chose Izuru because he’s the best fighter in the team. Retrieved September 30, Meanwhile, in a mock combat, the Military Junior Pre-Academy MJP ‘s Team Rabbits perform miserably as usual, getting the worst grades once again and regularly bickering among themselves.

Watching that suddenly made me want to play that in a game somehow. Takeoshi no Dai-Kusunoki Majestic Prince: Meanwhile, Teoria decides to join the battle as well, piloting her own unit to defend mankind against her own race. Izuru, in shock upon realizing the true nature of their enemies, is instructed by Rin to not reveal it to the others. That was a super epic mech battle: Also, they seem to be staying with the in-joke of never revealing Ange’s gender.