The front is dominated by the silver metal speaker grille and 30 pin dock connector, which sticks out on a little silver shelf with the GEAR4 logo printed on it. I like the styling and the convenience of Airplay is not to be underrated. We don’t really like the remote, but with a product like this is isn’t a deal-breaker. You could really hear the gravelly nature of rougher voices; and highs, like sibilance and cymbals were, as we mentioned, bright for our tastes but not unpleasant. If you have any questions then please feel free to ask them in the comments below or you can send me a tweet chunkygeek. The top of the unit also has buttons for Navigation, Power, Volume, Mode and EQ – which is good, cause we lost the remote about 10 minutes after opening up the speaker. They never quite live up to my expectations. The small LCD display is only a single line and could be improved by being maybe a line or two bigger but overall, at a glance I was impressed.

We’d say Gear4 is jumping on the bandwagon, but they’re too early to market to slap that on them – they’re one of the pioneers. As a result, you didn’t get that boominess that’s common in many speakers like this. We use cookies, details here. There is the 30 pin dock connector on the front for connecting your iOS device. It doesn’t have much bottom end, but we liked that there was no artificial bass down below what the AirZone could actually handle. The dock is sleek looking with with its stylish black and chrome look. Learn more about Amazon Prime.

A radio function with no clock or alarm. Well, AirPlay speakers are at a premium right now, and for good reason.

GEAR4 Airzone Series 1 Review

The text is dark blue so it blends in well with the black surround. You hit the ‘Mode’ button to switch between them. As mentioned before, this is also where you select wifi networks and input passwords. See All Buying Options. Overall the size is comparable with a shoebox thats been tipped on its side. Get fast answers from reviewers. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Confused about what AV Gear to buy or how to set it up? Everything about this product is superb and is worth the high end price.


You can edit your question or post anyway. As with most Gear products the finnish is smooth and I think stylish. After a week or two, we discovered that we can’t even connect via the dock unless you power off at gesr4 wall socket. This was bought to use with an old iPhone 4S to play music. One person found this helpful.

GEAR4 AirZone Series 3 Reviews –

Somebody needs to put AirPlay into a car audio system. The front is dominated by the silver metal speaker grille and 30 pin dock connector, which sticks out on a little silver shelf with the GEAR4 logo printed on it. There was a problem loading the comments at the moment.

It’s a silver and black curved shape with a red gest base to stop it dancing around to whatever it’s throwing out, but is rather ugly looking. The wireless streaming from I phone is very good and the quality of sound is on par with a bose dock. As mentioned, the remote could have been better but its not necessarily bad and it does do the job its designed to do well. The FM radio is a decent effort. By Andrew Gash — May 03, Wish I’d returned it.

Eeries 30 pin docking connection was ideal. AirZone remembered our details. The actual dock part where the ipod sits seems a bit precarious and it took me several attempts to get the ipod to fit snuggly but once in, it seems pretty secure. Moreover, at the time of writing it costs a smidgeon under a double ton, which is ridiculously expensive. When I first connected my ipod the ipod froze and it was about 2 terrifying minutes before it began to work again.

Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. If you want to connect other portables, you’ll also find a 3.

The nice thing is that AirPlay will override anything else, so you can whip out your iOS device and take over the speaker at will. We had hoped the AirPlay would work – checked it wasn’t due to an old iOS but it works with no Apple device old or new.


I like the styling and the convenience of Airplay is not to be underrated. It does seem rather pointless. A wireless function that you might not use.

Some people pay this much money for a glorified clock radio. There’s a problem loading this menu at the moment. I personally use a combination of Airfoil and Spotify and had no problems there at all.

I’m going to buy another for the bedroom as multiple speakers can be controlled via the downloadable app. However, that’s all very well and good but the acid test in seroes like this is what it sounds like.

I have tested other devices in my house and they wifi signal is good. It took 30 seconds to connect the dock to my wireless network and was much simpler than I had expected especially as I’m a bit of a novice with these things.

The headline feature, as alluded to in the opening, is AirPlay.

Gear4 AirZone Series 1 review | What Hi-Fi?

Dixons, Currys and PC World all knocked offline. The FM tuner works nicely, too, the natural tonal balance of the AirZone Series 1 working especially well with talk radio, and the tuner proving relatively strong when seeking out stations.

A couple more LCD display lines and maybe a clock and this would be a lovely little docking station. You plug your device in, select your preferred audio app and sound comes through the dock.

Either way, you’ll find yourself pressing the chosen buttons repeatedly and cursing to yourself that, “this damn thing isn’t working. On the contrary, the AirZone seemed like a really small speaker that could generate a lot of output in a decent-size room.

The Airzone was very easy to set up and the ability to dock the iPad is great. DC jack, Aux in Power source: Amazon Music Stream millions of songs.