Fox , ; India: Nature of the otherworld. An elf-like, male, malevolent wood-spirit. Most references for F0 discuss this motif. Meier III No. Mortal goes to home of water-spirits and marries. Access to upper world by means of a rope.

An opening into the sky gives access to upper world. Visitors who sleep there die. Otherworld surrounded by seven walls and locks of iron and doors of iron. Malalasekera II , ; Japanese: Get Known if you don’t have an account. And in the original Japanese game , the Ouendan squad helps antibodies fight off what appears to be food poisoning in a musician. Water-spirits adopt human foundling.

Ebermann Sason No. Balys Tautosakos Darbai VI Wells Sir Orfeo ; Irish myth: In “The Journey”, several members of the team chase some really tiny aliens inside Marco’s body with the help of a convenient shrink ray.

Fairy in form of bird. Water-spirits save shipwrecked people. Dexter’s Laboratory where he goes inside Dee Dee’s body to combat a cold she’s having. Challenge at entrance of otherworld.

“Fantastic Voyage” Plot

Malalasekera II ; Eskimo Greenland: The animal is perfectly healthy, it’s just lethargic because its young are ready to leave its stomach and begin giantdss living. They must proceed through various organs and blood vessels to the brain, where they will fix the patient’s problem. Beckwith Myth ; Eskimo Greenland: VI to Gonzenbach No. Holmberg Siberian ; India: Powers Contributions to N.


Offspring of fairy and mortal has long hair and beard at birth.

“Fantastic Voyage” Plot – TV Tropes

Werner African, Fairies punish girl who pours hot water into their spring. Holm 37, Central Eskimo: Fairy rings on grass.

Birds carry person from upper world. Hazards include fighting the mosquito and exit Midori’s body before they enlarge. Fairy wife deserts mortal husband for repulsive lover. Offspring of marriage between mortal and water-spirit.

Has green eyes and gray hair. Revolving castle in otherworld.

Burial service for fairy queen is held at night in Christian church. Entrance to otherworld guarded by north and south winds.

Journey to land of dead to visit deceased. Spirit leaves when report is made of the death of one of his kind. He ends up in the dog instead. The Joseph Lai Mock Buster pseudoanime Space Transformers is about a mecha and its young pilots entering the body of a woman Hollow mountain otherworld where men live a life of ease and lustful pleasure in company with beautiful women.


Fairies ride white horses. Fairies fall in love with prince and charm him into a deathlike sleep. Fairies make good wishes for newborn child. Wood-spirits transform men into animals. Animals in otherworld pass in and out gianntess church and become human beings.

The titular character of Chowder once ate a really sour fruit gawaayn made his lips pucker so tight that he created a portal that sucks himself into his own mouth. Fairies appear in house and offer to dance with child.

Gawayn – Wikipedia

Otherworld surrounded by seven walls and locks of iron and doors of iron. Woman carried off by water-fairy. Breath of Fire II is in love with this setting: Hartland Science ; Scotland: Done in an episode of Kirby: Fairies made visible when one carries four-leaf clover. Rainbow spirit as messenger. Hartmann Die Trollvorstellungen Stuttgart, 22 Dutch: Automatic service in otherworld: