This was the very worst thing ever. No story, terrible humor and I’m going to go to bed now feeling proper cheated. I’ve watched every single episode of American Dad and this was the absolute worse one ever. American Dad seems like it’s actually become more tolerable since they switched it to TBS. What’s on Norman’s Watchlist? I enjoy American Dad for its fantastical, comical random story and characters and this episode seemed like a cheap way of saying screw you audience. Edit Cast Episode credited cast:

Shame on this episode. I was negatively amazed by the blunt way this “Chinese billionaire” and how repetitive was his part in the show, expecting a big punchline as many other faithful viewers of this show One could find elaborate words to describe how awful that episode was, but since the makes didn’t put any effort in it, one shouldn’t either. I would skip this episode and just hope this is a one off. I couldn’t figure out if the endless “Fung Wah” references were a joke I was supposed to be in on, or if they were building up to a great punchline the answer: In my opinion, American Dad! I went back today and watched it on demand hoping it would be somewhat decent.. Worst Episodes of T.

And I actually take back what I said about Fung Wah, this episode was weird but it’s still better than those two. Francine uncharacteristically reacts fjng Stan’s typical stupidity, something she deals with in nearly every episode, but somehow this repeated stupidity makes her react in the manner which she does? It was effectively a meta-episode, and was intentionally bad to highlight top executives meddling with the creativity of a show.


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Soon, he starts trying to bring Francine out of the mental hospital, and they were tranquilized on the way. Li Quan voice Scott Grimes American Dad seems like it’s actually become more tolerable since they switched it to TBS. Don’t have an account?

If you gave up on AD, or just want to prove to your friends that American Dad is awesome, I suggest you watch this episode as soon as you can! There was nothing even remotely funny about this episode.

Klaus voice Andy Buckley Constant chinese man with stupid adverts was really annoying. If there was any grander meaning behind it all -apart from China buying out USA, yes, I think we all got that- I missed it.

No spoilers and a short review I love American Dad. They show a quick clip of the family working in the field and its over.

We were not even explained how it was suppose to work out, it felt rushed. I do not know if this episode brought to you by Fung Wah apparently was an attempt at being clever or original, because I find it hard to believe it was an attempt to be funny.

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Is he real or are they making fun of a imaginary person. The problem with this episode to be honest was that the plot with putting Francine in a mental institution just to give Stan time to plan their wedding anniversary was a pretty bad plot from the start.

The sah begins with Chinese billionaire ‘Fung Wah’ introducing himself. Edit Cast Episode credited cast: The show goes on to make fun of product placement by advertising products made by this Asian business man’s company, which gets over excessive on a joke that wasn’t that amusing to begin with.


American Dad and Family Guy The idea of wwh entire “Chinese American Dad” episode like we see at the end were all characters are Chinese versions, could have worked but now it just became to much at the same time with no time at evolving the plot in a nice way.

Fung Wah “buys” AD.

It always seems to bring that random card to the table that makes the show so enjoyable. I would skip this episode and just hope this is a one off. Steve Smith voice David S. Worst Episodes of T.

I was more than wrong. The show goes back to the Asian business man who talks about how he sold American Dad to make more money, and now its American Chinese Dad. That Chinese guy ruined American Dad never should have been allowed to take over.

There was no plot, seriously. Half way through I started thinking MacFarlane finally lost it and the series was now doomed. Season 10 Episode He said it was their 19th yr of marriage when is “Shallow Vows” it was their 20th.