Don’t be blind until your kin are the ones officers are trying to find. The story itself is a damn fine idea that can pack a film with some genuine, white-knuckle thrills if done correctly but with the characters displaying some headache-inducing choices, it becomes more tedious than entertaining. But after so many misses, her Oscar-winning performance in “Ball” seems more like a fluke as the years go on. Segundo o World Animal News, Dr. R for violence and peril Genre: While talking on her cellphone with a lawyer, she leaves Frankie sitting in a chair and asks him to stay put.

Puntaje en base a cinco estrellas: Karla’s Halle Berry life is not one lain with rose petals. Kidnap – August 4th, But wow, can’t believe she La protagonista nos comparte su lucha exterior e interior de una manera muy eficaz y directa. Retour sur ce film qui fonce droit dans le mur… http:

Calling for help is not an option as her battery died and she dropped it before getting in the car.

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PAN Amadora Origem da imagem: All plot conveniences, chase thriller tropes and Berry’s performance aside, “Kidnap” has a few solid thrills, a steady pace and a plot that is truly terrifying. They messed with the wrong mother! She’s all alone, scared but determined, against two strangers that have her son in their hands. O dia mais importante para o Universo, para a Terra e para os Seres-humanos!

Some good bits, plenty of dumb bits. Reviewing Kidnap; I just watched this and its brilliant.

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See halleberry in her kick butt showing! Eles podem ser encontrados ao longo da costa leste e sul da China, bem como no rio Yangtze. Kidnap does have some suspenseful scenes where you really hope that she will get her son back soon but then turns into more car chasing. But she see’ s a women shoving him in to her car, and it becomes a chase. Puntaje en base a cinco estrellas: While it feels awfully similar to Berry’s film, “The Call”, I felt that film handled it’s “race against time” plot device a lot better with Berry delivering a much better performance there as well.


A relentless, edge-of-your seat chase ensues, where Karla must risk everything to not lose sopping of her son. There were moments during the movie where I thought that things dragged too long, but I still wanted to finish the film.

But after so many misses, her Oscar-winning performance in “Ball” seems more like a it as the years go on. Luis Prieto Screenplay By: Os dois jovens pagaram ao fornecedor 1.

R for violence and peril Genre: As it would make absolute sense, Karla starts looking for her son frantically, until she sees a woman dragging him inside a car driven by a man. Acabei de assistir o novo filme “O Sequestro” que tem a linda da Halley Berry disposta a tudo para resgatar o filho que viu ser sequestrado. To save Frankie from being plxza, Karla goes out on a mission to demand people in the city to help rescue her son.

This film is extremely average and forgettable. Retour sur ce film qui fonce droit dans le mur… http: I wish this film tried to find its identity and really stand out from other films like it.

Outro porta-voz da Action for Dolphins acrescentou: They messed with the wrong mother. There are a few action scenes but are repetitive and not that exciting. It’s slow and unsuspenseful. Kidnap stars Halle Berry as Karla whos son Frankie is kidnapped at a park right under her nose and Karla chases them down Certain characters were given way too much screen time or emphasis. Kidnap is a cat and mouse thriller that stars Halle Berry as she chases down the people that stole her son. A mother and a child are at the park, and the mother has to take a call and after the call she goes bact to her kid, but he’s missing.

As for the cast Halle Berry was fantastic and others good too. Halle Berry hasn’t made a good movie in a while and this one is no different. Her panic face wore thin after a while. In all honesty, Berry hasn’t had a truly great role since ‘s, “Things We Lost in the Fire”, “Monster’s Ball” in before that and then her 90’s filmography where her star shined the brightest.


Essa luz vai fazer aumentar exponencialmente a energia do despertar. Ele vem directo do Sol de Alcyone e vai inundar este planeta com uma intensidade de luz nunca vista antes neste quadrante do universo. With a dose of both positives and negatives, “Kidnap” isn’t a terrible film, it’s just not a very good one.

Ficamos todos muito comovidos com esta mensagem. The film is a lot similar to Taken, but lacks the substance and action from that film. Halle Berry isn’t by all means bad in this movie, she’s actually ok but I think had this movie had a different director and crew behind it, maybe Berry’s performance could of been a lot better.

Thank you instagram for my bestnine!! Without a cell phone and knowing she has no time to wait for police help, Karla jumps in her own car and sets off in pursuit of the kidnappers.

Le bon jeu de l’actrice aide beaucoup aussi! See HalleBerry in KidnapMovie. Even though there is a plot, it feels like there is not. Menyadari bahwa ia tidak dapat bergantung pada polisi. It’s great to see a mother do what she can to save her son but unfortunately it’s not a good movie.

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She works as a waitress in a diner, is about to get a divorce from her husband and is in danger of losing custody of her only son, Frankie Sage Correa.