He arriving just as we were mardiing out, was there left in charge. We were there three or four days; during the time the whole camp had pomegranates in abundance. The vintage ‘ Miisk rtfug-i kkisan. The date of this capture is known from an incidental remark of Babur about chronograms f. Though formerly between JahMgir Mirza and me, resentments and recriminations had occurred about our rule and retainers, yet there was nothing whatever then to arouse: MS- f- i6r ; I-O. He gives the explanation f.

Ghazni has many blessed tombs. Khadlja Eegim was another. In four or five days T got quite well. Qul-i- biyazid, the taster, one of our men who had crossed to the island, stripped himself and his horse and, right in. When the Earth quaked, dust rose from the tops of the mountains. God brought it right! The wood of the small-almond is the most plentiful and commonly-used, but it does not make a lasting fire.

Till that time 1 had never seen a hot countty or the Hindustan border-land. In the evening of the victory Mahdi, Hamza and Hamza’s son Mamak were brought before Babur who, says Gaidar, did to them wbat they had! The left and centre advanced from their ground with mantelets in place all along their lines, fiared their ladders, and swarmed up them.

Many places along it have an excellent clirnate ; its waters are cold and need no ice. Sbah Qull the guitar-player was another; he was of ‘Iraq, came into Khurasan, practised playing, and succeeded.

For him his father, when besieging Hisar aK. This day I was fasting. A few days later he received the name Hujnayiin; when he was five or six days old, I went out to the Char-bagh where was had the feast of his nativity.

For the fertilizing streams will have been the dominant factors of settlement and of revenue from the earliest times of populatton and government. He died bfiftire his father. On hearing news of I hurried stih faster forward, and sent some of the household and braves galloping loose-rein ahead.

I lay down, the others went to another house and drank there till beat of drum midnight.

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Khusrau and Babur f. There are excellent themes and beautiful airs of his ; no-one in his day composed such airs and themes. My sword cut well! For an account of Mar wind Ricans Pens. In the north-eastern mountains are the places of the Kafirs, such as Kitilr Gawat?


It wis right on several grounds for us to. The pJace wais so cliarming and open that we elected to sit there some time and to eat a confection TKsyufi.

Fikm Nll-abls came and saw me at the ford-head bringing a horse in mail and 3CO as an offering. The Mlrza’s entertainments were much renowned ; truly was this one free from the pang of thirst reposeful and tranquil.

Saturday after six days of illness, she went to God’s mercy. He waa allowed tg go and the honoured BegTm lierself started off with him.

We went up the trough of the Ajar-valley, on over Tup and Mandaghan, crossed the Balkh-water and came out on 5 af-hiU. Although these mountains are not so high as those already described, indeed they look to be low, none-the-less, they are strongholds ; what to the eye is even slope, really is hard rock fiom which it is impossible to ride Many of the beasts and birds of Hindiistan Fot The crux of the passage is the word k.

After a few steps the loading man would stand stiJI, exhausted by the labour, and another would go forward. His assailants went in just behind him and ran on through the ravine and narrows of the north-west side of the fort, but he rode light and made his flight good. Cf Wocnf s I, p. From that camp vve marched to the Aq-saral meadow of the Qai’a-bagh and there dismounted.

As Ocmplet opinion differs about the origin and meaning of the names now in use, and as a good dea! Ikhtiyar took the higher place.

The villages all lie on the foot-hills; some pay taxes but not all are taxable because they lie so far back in the mountains. Kidl Hasara, and and control of the Gate. Hindu-kush, and it draws out to the south-west as far as the foot of Din-kot on the Sind-river.

Affairs of Khusrtiu SMk? He wrote a Turk! If we, looking to God’s pleasure, leave such Scrapings of gain aside, the Most High God will apportion our reward It is now just as it was a short time back when we rode out to mid the Ghiljr; msmy of you then were of one mind to raid the Mahmand Afghans, their slieep and goods, their wives and families, just because they were within five miles of you [ Then as now I did not agree with you On the very next day the Most High God apportioned you more sheep belonging to Afghan enemies, than bad ever before fallen to the share of the army.


In Chinese annals two names appear as those of the district and town I am not able to allocate their application with certainty. For my own part 1 just went with these braves.

The Second Pert trs. These two from of old have been the rulers and lawful commanders of the. Between the two Frayeis e. Mughul Beg was another. Com;let their charge the Hazaras could make no stand ; they fled, swiftly pursued and karria one after the other by those just up with them. This year saw the end of the duel for possession of Qandahar. In the evening when a stir was made for a social gathoringj fomplet Qa? Hence the burial in The dcalb Ofitaifred in AH. The three sons last-named were by Minglr Bibi Aghaclia, Si.

There I stayed far a few days ; before that trouble was over a boil came out on my left cheek ; this was lanced and for it T compket took a purge. He has written such irreverent things in it that some jfoi. On hearing Fol Of this term Babur supplies an explicit explanation which 1 have not found in European writings.

Roused from his sleep by the noise of his guards’ resistance to the Mgghti! That some histories write it NagarahSr Haidarabad Codex, f. On Tuesday Ramzan 3rd Nov.

Coming in at the garden-gate was Dost of Sar-a-pu], a foot-soldier I had promoted for his boldness to be Kotwal and had left in Kabul ; he made straight for me, sword in hand.