He motivated us to take further action. He is an active sportsman — multiannual marathon runner and half marathon runner he has completed over 70 half marathons , triathlete he has completed the Ironman He is passionate about the triathlon and marathons. I recommend his services to demanding clients. Sebastian led a lecture for our executives. Check — how to avoid them and gain high trust! He is the partner of the Neurohm company in research on trust. In fact, guidelines most of us use more….

Because of his love for sport and discipline, as well as real life experiences, he is able to encourage others to be determined, and tenacious. Tony Buzan, Stephen M. Springer Netherlands , Dordrecht; Synthesis of nanosized zinc and magnesium chromites starting from PVA—metal nitrate solutions. Sebastian gives business lectures and inspiring power speeches! He is a highly regarded lecturer. Electronic books The e-book database EBC.

A hint on the correlation between cellulose fibers polymerization degree and their thermal and thermo-oxidative degradation. He motivated us to take further action. Thermal behaviour of some new complexes with decaaza bismacrocyclic ligand as potential antimicrobial species. Evolved gas analysis—ion attachment mass spectrometric analysis onilne decacarbonyl dimanganese pyrolysis. He knows how to reach the audience, regardless of whether there are 15 or people in the room.

Heat-treatment influence on Ni—Fe—Cu—Mo nanocrystalline alloy obtained by mechanical alloying. It will stay with us for a long time. Table of contents — VolumeIssue 1 Show all volumes and issues Tables of content are generated automatically and are based on records of articles contained that are available in the TIB-Portal index. Sebastian is an unique individual on the market of consultants and speakers. Exceptional speaker — open minded, communicative and joyful!


Thermal analysis of sulfonated polymers tested as polymer electrolyte membrane for PEM fuel cells. Sebastian is a wonderful support in managing relationships and contacts between global corporations.

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Sebastian Kotow – Inspiracja do myślenia i działania

Springer NetherlandsDordrecht; A professional, business practitioner, wonderful speaker, passionate about he does. The combination of his various life, business and scientific experiences is a unique blend which creates an unforgettable impression and stays with the participants for a long time!

Experimental investigation and thermodynamic prediction of the Al—Ge—Zn phase diagram. The use of thermal analysis to investigate the effects of cellulose ethers on krzystzof Portland cement hydration.

As a business person, he is very experienced. They often include presentations prepared by the participants. As a trainer, he has learned from the best.

Choosing the right speaker for a conference, seminar or corporate meeting is an important decision to make. Tony Buzan, Stephen M.

Due to missing records of articles, the volume display may be incomplete, even though the whole journal is available at TIB. Phase transition temperatures of Sn—Zn—Al system and their comparison with calculated phase diagrams.

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Sebastian engages his audience, encourages to reflect and inspires to act. Sebastian is a person of extraordinary intelligence. Thermoanalytical investigation and biological properties of zinc II 4-chloro- and 5-chlorosalicylates with N-donor ligands. Investigation of thermal decomposition of yttrium—aluminum-based precursors for YAG phosphors.


He has worked in 13 countries. In the krzyysztof several years representatives of olnine organizations from 21 countries took part in our programs. He motivates the participants to action through humor and real life stories.

His energy is infectious. In his books he shares practical advice based on his research in areas of personal development and business efficiency. He boosts the energy level of his audiences, challenges their thinking and motivates krzhsztof change!

Kindness is connected to the attachment to the person we want to trust.

He is the partner of olnine Neurohm company in research on trust. Browse subjects Browse through journals Browse through conferences. World class speaker and trainer, authentically passionate about connecting with people! He can be demanding and provokes the public, but always in a kind and non-offensive way.

His international business experience and achievements are a great material krzyszhof be shared with his audience Brian Tracy Author of 70 books, speaker, consultant. Associate professor Witold T.