Havent read your book or visited your site I simply forgot to mention that in my first post. Some people claim this accident was in fact an assassination. Press releases and media enquiries. Is this what you mean. Unfortunately I can’t remember it’s name. Future learning and skills. As my battered ex KOP Plutonowy father just escaped Stalag VB after the Germans killed his younger brother Janek, after sustaining abuse on the Third Reich Food Production farm who used to beat him constantly until he kills them one day and went on a crusade you could say to fight Nazis and Russians.

Now it will have to be corrected. Zamach na Gibraltarze , a Polish film from The Polish film speculates that Sirkosky was, together with his daughter, assassinated before boarding the aircraft, and that the people that boarded the plane were stand-ins. A book that you are way too quick to negate before you even read it, books are there for a reason to explain in more detail. I’m curious to know what analytics software you’re using. No one would hear it, as it became dark, no one would see it and it allowed the plane to lift off, but then your in trouble! I am the youngest son, although old now of Poland’s most deadliest Assassin, he was actually used by 3 x Armies for ‘mechanical work’. Jul 29, Messages:

Production and development funding. It is said to have waited for over fifteen minutes at the end of the runway for no obvious reason. So I suggest if you wish to know how he remained undetected you will have to read the book as its there for that very reason, as its more than 71, words okay! I watched a documentary about this years ago and it was made like a conspiracy rilm.


And as for do I have any ‘non biased supporters’? Your name or email address: I suggest you take up another hobby and let the experts be as they are for you are neither! His own bodyguard using a different name, rank and documents did it under orders.

Promised if Sikorski was removed the position but it never eventuated until decades later My father was right there, but its not a simple and easy kattastrofa. Silent Enemy from 2. I can see precisely that you and George Patton have visited the site and Takao hopefully the website displayed okay on your Ipad as I don’t know gibraltarzf it looks like on Safari I believe this solves it, if you wish to know more you know the answer. Log in or Sign up. Another film that partly covers this event, is the British movie “The Silent Enemy”.

Some people claim this accident was in fact an assassination. Classroom resources for katastrofq.

Generał – zamach na Gibraltarze – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia

Oh and about the “experts” within the book, it is not something I even wanted, it’s just that today people like yourselves expect to have some kind of proof or validation by some means of someone who knows a lot about something similar. Then after being alerted that they wanted him killed by the “signal given” so he acted, what they call a sleeper hence why they called them Salamanders.


Is this what you mean.

Courses, training and conferences for teachers. Very clearly I am informing you that he was not touched, just his plane. Whatever really happened we will probably never know, but it is indeed an interesting subject.

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These people really exhisted, and sometimes the ‘Truth is Stranger than Fiction! Since I did mention that I would tell how as proof originally I will honor that, and that is all I will do as for detail that is why I produced a book.

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I am the only one and its the first time the truth came out before I die, which isn’t too long away given my health, hence the reveal. Future learning and skills.


Press releases and media enquiries. Made to look like an accident, the plane was tampered katastroa under orders as they realised he was headed in a few hours for England. TakaoAug 7, Jun 6, Messages: As the apple didn’t fall kataatrofa far from the tree with me either, in past similar lines, being raised with weaponry and trained in all sorts. Director Bohdan Poreba Production: We are the only ones claiming to have done this, to ‘Right a Wrong!