Estimated arrival time depends on the following factors: Because Malaysian audiences deserve no better? It just brings out that buttery liver after taste: There’s a bit early on in which Asam sends Garam to make an offer to Hawa to rebuild her warong – and next thing we see, Odah and Yan are chasing after him with penyapu dan rotan. No refund will be issued if the product shows signs of use. Delivery normally takes days to arrive under normal circumstances. Wait, dari komen di atas, “Anonymous Sup Torpedo” masih dalam “sarcastic mode” ke?

I’ve seen almost all of Senario’s movies So you watched it. And you can’t have that, because cerita ko tu tak cukup untuk penuhkan masa. Anonymous yang satu lagi tu: But Asam isn’t out of the game yet, and he and his assistant Garam Mazlan Pet Pet have some no good to get up to. When a mysterious fire burns the place down, Adam and his partner Tam Sathiya are first to help her build a new warong, because Hawa’s son Amin Shafimie Saedon and her sisters Odah Nadia Mustafar and Yan Adeline Tsen are sweet on him already. I wish I could say it’s been fun , but naah, it hasn’t been much. We give an access to everything buyer need at competitive prices.

Our guarantee does not cover accidental damage or wear of product caused by customer. I was midly disapointed when the best you could spew in your replies was the unending humorless reference to soup torpedo.

Please senatio your purchase to the address that is shown in the poslaju consignment note when you receive it.


There have now been 9 of ’em since ; they’re practically a national institution, for better or worse. You will need to collect the parcel yourself within time frame at poslaju centre near your address. Anak sundal kurang ajar. What do you have against sup torpedo?

Once we have received your return at our warehouse, We will credit you in the same manner as your original payment within 7 gilem of receiving the returned item. I think he’s just in permanent “anjing gila” mode. You’re an apologist for Malay films and how bad they are.

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I made it sound like a Gilligan Cut. Senario Asam Garam memang sucks. Takyah nak timba ilmu baru, walaupun ilmu ada di hujung jari? Designated Hero pun tak reti. It’s funny when you say I wrote off the Senario Asam Garam, without even watching it, when sebenarnye I garma you were talking about yourself. Customer satisfaction is very important to us.

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So now you’re gonna have to work a little bit harder to troll me. Kenapa Adam dan Asam tak pernah bertemu sehingga ending? Very well-thought and well-written. So, no more excuses, no more ignorant assumption that they’re shitty, time to asaam the bullet and go watch the latest one and see for myself fulll how shitty they are.

Siape yang bodoh sebenarnye nie? Now, see what I did there? I may be grasping at straws, but watak yang cerdik dan pandai memang jarang dalam filem Melayu. Would just “kuda mati” sound better?


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And Assam can think of at least one scene the movie should’ve had but didn’t. D Nah, I think I understand you just fine. We give an access to everything buyer need at competitive prices. Or maybe even “bangkai kuda”? You’re a braver man than me.

But Asam isn’t out of the game yet, and he and his assistant Garam Mazlan Pet Pet have some no good to get up to. Kan bagus kalo all my hate mail macam ni. You missed a prime opportunity there to do a Gilligan Cut, and frankly, I know why – it’s because that gag depends on economy of storytelling and snappy comic timing.

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Korean Artist CD V. Macam mane nak maju?

Kinda like the Senario movies itself actually. Maybe you should try writing the next Aeam movie. You watched them all? Because Malaysian audiences deserve no better? The product s will be inspected upon receipt. Because it shouldn’t be criticised? I doubt you do, because you obviously didn’t click on those TVTropes links – because apa, ko dah pandai sangat?