He has said how his mother used to play your songs all the time. Your wife is staring in a movie currently in local cinemas. So my answer is; this was not the first time I sung about our emperors and praise them at all the same time. I met with his family inside a plane. Will there be any chance for a collaborative effort for both of you? The current generation, sees you as the voice of a generation.

Did you write the song after violence in Gondar? So I have no words to express my gratitude for the love and acceptance I get. So it comes from emotion and compassion. Choomantar movie songs year movie song language. Do you see yourself as the voice of a new generation? Speaking about Emperor, people have different opinion on him.

Fikir Eske Mekabir Chapter 1 part It has given me a home, a place to belong.

Meksbir is true, being a responsible husband and a father has given me a sense of who I am and where I belong. October – Jekabir Films. He is a member of the band s5 launched by the channel ss music. Some people relate your song on Emperor Tewodros with the recent political unrest that erupted in the city of Gondar. Stream movie Fikir eske mekabir last part online hd quality Fikir eske mekabir Videos de eske – Reproduce videos restringidos de YouTube.

I cannot be far from any generation, especially my own generation.


Choomantar movie songs year movie song language. Watch FBI 1 Part 3: So it comes from emotion and compassion. Dana Part 77 Ethiopian Drama. fiir

It must be nice to be appreciated and loved by many people. What does Ethiopia and Ethiopianism mean to you? Fikir Eskemekabir Part 1. Fikir eske mekabir last part Movie Streaming [Nov ].

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We saw the finished product yesterday and it was beautiful. Ethiopian Movie Fiker Eske …. For me, being Ethiopian is to be free, kind, patient and humble. Some consider him as god, others as a prophet and many asking.

The book is pages. How is it different to perform, not just as an artiste, but as a father? There are new artists, in their teenage years, in their twenties who are struggling and want to follow in your footsteps. Fikir Eske Mesabir – Part 2. Even at the beginning, when you released your Abugida album, you were seen as a voice of that generation. Given your popularity and fame people involved in the music industry always want to work with you. The current generation, sees you as the voice of a generation.

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I finished both the lyrics and the melody in one night. Fikir Eske Mekabir, Ethiopian movie The simple answer is yes, I would love to work with omvie. I have reflected on it a lot by the way. Choomantar movie songs zavala44 4 2. I expect it to be released very soon. It talks about when Gudu Kassa helps Bezabih when he tried to find his love.


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Attitude and confidence is the foundation to a great success in art. Be the first to comment. We worked on the video, for the song, Mar Eske Tuwaf. How did you come up with the song and such unique ways to capture the unique voice of an Azmari? Interview with Ethiopian Movie Stars. It really has been a blessing and a happy experience for me. Click here to watch part Fikir Eske Mekabir Tireka Part Congratulations Teddy on your new album.

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Interview with Ethiopian Movie Stars; http: It is something to behold. All is because of the grace of God; it is a blessing from the almighty God. It is to have and hold on to better ideals for oneself. So how are you planning to work and mentor those young producers and musicians who want to be the next Teddy Afro?