Beautiful Boy by AmazingGracie reviews Something had happened in that tent. You can request one shots through PM or leaving prompts in the reviews. Little Moments of Evie and Doug by BroadwayGleek29 reviews A series of oneshots focused on the little moments between my favorite couple, Devie. Chu Ga Eul an intelligent and talented girl is studying in the same school where Yi Jung does. The Mischief Maker’s Mistletoe by LeQuin reviews Harry and Hermione are caught in a prank by the twins at Christmas that has them looking at their relationship in a whole new way. What will happen to Yui?

Man vs Beast by Gwynne reviews With Voldemort gone and Harry back at the only place he ever thought of as ‘home’, life is finally starting to calm down. What will happen to Yui? How different would the story have been if Harry had not immediately forgiven Ron? Rated M for later chapters. Sirius wants to celebrate. Emmett never imagined that his mate might be human, but he can’t bring himself to regret a second of their time together. But after certain picture of Yi Jeong is leaked out will Woo Bin keep his promise or do a complete degree change toward Ga Eul?

All characters and a lot of the plot belong to J.

Alone in Love by xAda reviews Jandi left yooyul L. Wizarding War on a quicker timescale than in canon. M for just language and violence Harry Potter – Rated: But they don’t know each others’ names Hermione’s Dirty Secret by Unknowngirl24 reviews Hermione has a dirty secret Flynn and Gemma, Dillon and Summer Samurai: Recollection of the Girl of My Dreams by halibuto reviews She was never what he expected.

Rated M for safety.

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She would pull him gently to her but he would push back with two times force. And unless I specify, all one-shots are unrelated. But what happens when he starts feeling horny over someone he shouldn’t. Can Doug do any better? After all, Ron always left when things got hard. Ron has another bad experience due to his greed, fears, jealousies and Snape! And there’s no turning back.


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Some graphic death scenes later. Get between Hermione and either at your own peril. Oh, and Voldy also had to go.

The original villians on the Horrror are finally ready for revenge and this time they aren’t afraid to hurt their children to get what they want. In this case, one such surprise awaits Harry at work She now goes back to retrieve her special cross she forgot there on that day. Harry wants to make his own mark on the wizarding world and yoomyul the resources at his disposal and his popularity at an all time high now is the time to forge his own path.

At the start of their second year, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and their friends meet a first year, whose presence change their lives, irrevocably and for the better.

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Harry Potter and Delphini Riddle: Pm me or Review with Prompts. Birthday Miracle by Ms. Healing Hermione by LeQuin reviews After Hermione is cursed the only way to cure her is with a risky ritual that ends up having some unexpected consequences. Merope Gaunt’s ghost reunited with a Tom Marvolo Riddle just out of Hogwarts, Delphini is born the same year as Draco, and Delphini attends Hogwarts for her sixth year.

Or will they need some help from outside people? A classic, revisited seven years later. My story begins after episode In the end, are words really necessary for their not-so-platonic-anymore relationship? And what’s this, she has an older brother?


But the journey ahead is not so easy. Slight smut in last chapter.

Like their fathers before them, the boys rule the school and have created the next F4, and the girls want in on the action. Hermione’s day off by doc boy reviews Hermione is badly overworked and Harry can’t stand to see her like this.

Rating changed to T for mature content nothing smexy I promise Descendants, – Rated: He turns to Sirius and things quickly get out of control. BDSM, toys, anal, oral, fake rape, ff, mf, mfm, mffm, Sub! The Trouble with Love Songs by BrandedInsanity reviews Haruka is asked to write a love song, trouble is, she’s never been in love. Happy Birthday, Yellow by Ms. The Family That He Needed – The Beginning by Snaperipper reviews Forced to admit their feeling for each other, Harry and Hermione soon realize that they are soul mates, however when they both start developing feelings for their taciturn professor, what becomes of their soul bond then?

Weasley, Snape and Dumbledore bashing What happens when they are soul mates. She calls a dear friend to help with the damage control.

And what if their grandparents come back? Every Witch Way – Rated: Harry dies for the 19th time, and his Grimm Reaper, Casper, has been driven half insane by it all.

Catherine Willmon reviews My first PR one shot series about my absolute favorite PR pairings in various sweet and sexy situations.