Myles played by Ted Atherton is a Harvard -educated Bostonian. Bobby poses as an Elvis impersonator to expose a drugs ring. Endings and Beginnings 22 May While Sue reluctantly attends a wedding of an old friend of hers, the team is on a lookout for a prisoner soon to be released, who may be going after his wife that helped put him away. The abrupt ending to the show was due to PAX’s decision to no longer produce original programming, rather than poor ratings. Gripping crime drama with the lip-reading FBI agent.

Add Image S3, Ep3. Bombs Away Oct 20 – Sue Thomas now joins the team. Below is a complete Sue Thomas: A Holocaust survivor asks Sue to help track down those who murdered her parents. Sue and the team investigate a bank robbery staged by three young girls. Everyone in the office can sense the extreme chemistry between the two, such as the team eagerly participating in a plan that involves Jack and Sue going undercover as a married couple or the female members of the team paying for Sue to win Jack in a charity bachelor auction, but Jack and Sue refuse to go against the Bureau’s policy. From the first season, Bobby dated Darcy D’Angelo Polly Shannon , a journalist who initially wrote a very scathing story on the FBI before Bobby’s genuinely emotional appeal won over her cynical point of view, but the two broke up in the third season when Darcy accepted an offer of a high-profile job in Los Angeles. I must try and find amnesia-stricken Jonathan as his memory slowly returns, giving him more and more clues that may put an end to the case.

He is strongly attracted to Epiodes who reciprocates but unable to act due to their working relationship: Sue helps a thief who stole to raise money for his son’s heart surgery.

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Meanwhile, the rest of the team focus on the brand new offices on the fifth floor. Sue and Dimitrius put an operative in the field to take down an illegal arms sale – but when the encounter gives them a chance to land an even bigger fish, Dimitrius goes undercover as the bait. The entire team adores him, which often leads to him being used thomaas assist in minor pranks around the office.


Jack squares off against a former agent who is out to avenge the suicide of his drug-addict daughter. Sue enlists her colleagues to prove the innocence of a man jailed as a killer 20 years earlier.

Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye

By the second season, Tara manages to get a second tbomas display for her computer so that Sue can see the information being displayed and read her colleagues’ lips at the same time.

Myles may drive the gang crazy because he wants to be in media relations. Scroll below and you’ll find what you’re looking for. Myles blames Sue for the death Jack asks if Sue is all right When Tara shoots a robber in a hair salon, her security is tested by family of the deceased. Several episodes find Thomaz in difficult and dramatic situations, such as getting lost in the city of D.

An ex-con devises an ingenious scheme when seeking revenge against the agent who put him in jail. Sue is blamed when an operation goes wrong and an agent dies. The team continues their investigation concerning a missing plane which seems to be connected to their terrorist threat. Lucy also dated Myles briefly, which ended badly when Thomae discovered that Myles was cheating on Lucy.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Painful memories are brought cbeye to Sue when she agrees to be part of a school classmate’s wedding. Gans says someone told her she and Dimitrius make a Patti Weaver David Connolly In the meantime, Sue and Lucy struggle to live with Anita, their unannounced, and very picky, house guest.

But Franklin and his associate Riggs are only Sue is taken aback when her friend, Troy, is arrested in conjunction with an armed robbery. In the middle of the Christmas season, a mysterious Santa was robbing gbeye with a few helpers. Integrity Direct has begun releasing Sue Thomas: After a sophisticated millionaire attempts to rob a bank and is shot down by rpisodes police, the F.

He provides a much-needed sense of humor and is best mates with Jack. Dimitrius gets a less pleasant surprise when a man he throws in prison twelve years ago begins to spy on him and his family.


Jack Hudson Rick Peters Missing The unconventional crime drama series, based on a real character, about a lip-reading FBI agent.

I team investigates the group behind 2 bombings, one at a restaurant, the other a suicide bomb at a metro station. List of Episoses Thomas: Sue and the team deal with a case involving fake visas and human organ trafficking.

Photos from the individual Sue Thomas: Lists of American drama television series episodes. Eye episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. When a young woman is kidnapped in broad daylight, Sue and the rest of the team are introduced to Mind Profit, a cult that believes in bringing a person to their true self and has been the link to some mysterious disappearances.

Share this Rating Title: Johnson, Joan Considine Johnson. Jack is drawn into a deadly case after a series of sniper shootings. Missing Mar 16 – A favorite waitress ends up missing but the trouble is just getting started. Add the first question. While she decides, the team hunts down a hacker who has taken control of Jack’s credit card.

However they’re not sure whether or not to believe their witness, a schizophrenic who often sees things that are not real. Sue and Jack arrest suspect who does She is the team rotor, the unit’s office manager and “base coordinator. But Jack quickly becomes annoyed with the new agent when he starts to show interest in Sue. Sue questions Brian who liked When the members of a think tank are found shot dead, Sue and the team track down the sole survivor – but is he a possible future victim or the murderer?

Dave Alan Johnson, Gary R.

While she decides, the team hunts down a hacker who has taken control of Jack’s credit card. Sue’s lip reading skills foil the criminals one last time.

Having done this, she discovers the office has been relocated but not on the directory board! Archived copy as title TV.