It’s as if we came to another city. She asked me how long they’d spent in prison, if found guilty. We could serve food to the nearby towns. I couldn’t sleep well last night. Why don’t you chop some wood while I’m cooking? Although it is a well written show with good actors and actresses… I find this TV show quite absurd. Do you have any siblings? How was your flight?

I have no business with you. Come here, go bring it back! I’ll talk to the lady in private. I’d like to talk to you. Might she have overheard our phone talk or something? Every line of it was so touching that Talk to no one. Well, it’s barely Istanbul.

Please try to empathize with them. But Lodos woke me up. He treated her very badly, too, even beaten her, so that she lost her child. Is the door strong? What are you talking about?

Your aunt is asking how the house fatmagil. One thing i want you to know, if Fatima Gul told the police and Mustafa what really happens and who are rapists i dont see any complication with their lives. I begged her to tell me the truth.


Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne Episode 53 (Eng Subs) .avi with subtitles | Amara

Good, we could use a walk anyway. Don’t say a thing no matter what they say. She says hello as well. See what I mean?

Your future does depend on me. I told you on the phone, but you insist on not believing me. I found a leash in the storage room. I’d expect you to call and inform me, but anyway Leave my house now! I have no business with you.

And how she became Hacer Did you go englisu Ankara for that? I got so used to her in just one day. Thank you very much, but I want to get right down to it. She literally knocked on my door. If she wins the lawsuit, will they spent too much inside? Plzzz watch the show properly, in so many instances it is mentioned that the girls who got raped eventually died either in the name of honour killings by their own families or by suicides.

You wouldn’t be scared, would you? Do you know him? They’ll call us when they land anyway. What’s wrong with her all of a sudden? Okay, all right, take care.


Publish any text You can upload anything that interests you. Don’t be scared, though. Like you wouldn’t believe! I’ll make the bed up. Yeah, it looks like Lodos. And I found this. I have no money. They went mad on me outside because I could come in.

Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne Episode 53 (Eng Subs) .avi

I won’t give up on this matter. Vadzrien October 21, at Of course he would as well. We were about to go, anyway. Yes, what do you have?

I was afraid that I’d be soften up with those words.

Maliha February 19, at I wanted to stay but Perihan insisted on me going home to rest. My ticket to hell. What is it to you? I love characters fatmagul and kerim. Okay, give me those.