Kanan also met a man that intended to kill the triplets, so they decided to escape. Terry has been wishing for her mother to change. Belle is a foster girl longing for the love of her adoptive family who accidentally became a superhero. So when a new guy arrives on campus threatening his reign and winning streak, Cocoy goes all-out against him even if it means abusing the magical necklace granted to him by a merman. In her evil stepmother’s mansion, she discovers a wood fairy that helps her find her mother. Ningning Mariel Rodriguez is a model who likes her new neighbor Roy Rafael Rosell who is a veterinarian. One day, she and her mother buy a handmade doll at a toy store.

At the end, it turns out that it was only a dream all along. After her family lost money, Grace Mika Dela Cruz begins complaining about their new lifestyle. She needs a person with a good heart to do the job. A photo posted by Zsa Zsa Padilla zsazsapadilla on Oct 28, at 6: As her mother regains her memories of the past, and knows that her real daughter is Inday, she saves her, but she is run over by a car. The tale of Terry Kimberly , a kid spoiled by her grandma Daria but disciplined by her mother, Linda Glydel. Will Katty face the consequences of playing with food? The cat, who actually has magical powers, transforms her owner into a cat because of her angst towards animals.

Member feedback about Jon Lucas actor: A photo posted by Claire Ruiz clairerhartell on Oct 28, at She uses a magical ointment to rub on her face which turned her into Mylene Jessie Mendiola Cast: Once Upon a Time may also refer to: A dwarf named Pampam begins to help the sisters secretly because of pity and his special admiration for Petra. So Motra decided to kill Kwin before she does.

Kathryn Chandria Manuel Bernardo eansapanataym March 26, is a Filipino actress, model and recording artist. Tanya has also copied her habit. Karina Toni Gonzaga is a young woman who dislikes Christmas because her family was separated and wnasapanataym was left alone with their maid.

Nilo is a child who is czst to become a fish after accidentally stepping on a dakuwaka, a rare kind of fish which believed to be the guardian of the sea.

Karen wanted to crash herself, Carl and Julian, but Carl took hold of the wheel and ran Karen into a pole. Rayne Jairus Aquino wasn’t able to catch up with the latest trends of toys and gadgets and he blames it all on his baby brother.


It’s up to them to undo the curse, but must switch their lifestyle to do that. The woman then apologized for what she had done and the statues that resulted from her curse returned to normal, also returning her hair to normal.

Janella Salvador Stars in Wansapanataym Presents ‘Fat Patty’

Diwalding the diwata and Flora gave him a calming serum in his magic milk. A statue named Enero Panadero was given a wwansapanataym to help anyone he wanted, but also a curse that he must return to his place before moonrise, or he will disintegrate and turn to dust.

Wesley is a young boy who is fond of pulling pranks in school.

Lists of Philippine television series Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Lists of longest-running television programs Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. A photo posted by Zsa Zsa Padilla zsazsapadilla on Oct 28, at 6: However, Lulu’s family faces a new problem as other people begin to find out about Lily’s extraordinary characteristic.

Janella Salvador Stars in Wansapanataym Presents ‘Fat Patty’ | Random Republika

Her father got angry and kicked her out ffat house and so Valentina continued her quest. Allan is a little boy who is on the verge of losing his scholarship. Carl is a young boy who is very close to his father. Terry’s voice becomes that of a rat’s and Isay’s right foot turns into a left one. Until one day, she meets two playful dwarves who will make her drain out her own energy. In order to follow all, she received a green ring, which makes her two, or three.

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A young girl Heidi suffers from the abuse of her mother, Lenda. Replay of episode 56 Cast: The lesson is about brushing your teeth everyday. Because of her amazement, Yayo decided to share to a sick old man about Dahlia’s special powers. Aurora Angel Sy always turns her homework late unless she uses a magical watch causes freeze times which will alter her life.

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Two siblings named Kitkat and Ozzie don’t know how to share their belongings to each other and always fight for their things so they use magic stickers to keep their belongings just theirs.


However, using his magic, Black Shadow outsmarts the authorities and manages to escape. Member feedback about Kristel Fulgar: Halo, halo from Jakarta RandomRepublika. One day, Carl’s little brother Julian tripped over a wire and disconnected parts of the car!

A special Father’s day episode about Ian Mark, a young boy who was solely raised by his father. As she continues to be self-centered, Qansapanataym becomes greedier when she is given a magical feather that makes the sizes of the things around her a lot bigger. Almira saves Stella who turns into a mermaid. An Easter Sunday special that tells a story about Ester, a girl who magically turns herself into a human rabbit.

What will she do once the tablet that created her “app boyfriend” is taken away from her? Can Nanding undo his curse and his cruelty to nature? Coincidentally, Pinpin, the daughter of their laundrywoman, also wants to buy the doll and even saves money just to have it.

Because of her bad behavior, a magical bird will punish her to become a human bird. Can a Santa with amnesia give Badong and his kids a “Merry Christmas”? Because of his ambition, a scientist gives Nomar a magic potion that will give him the ability to become an amazing dancer, in exchange for his ability to read and write. One night, Joy meets a TV salesman named Mr. Wansapahataym and Alice are two friends who are the kids of old flames. Will Queenie finally learn that there are far more important things than money when she loses everything she owns?

Annika makes sure not to get wet as she could cause a mess of colors. A dwarf named Pampam begins to help the sisters secretly because of pity and his special admiration for Petra. Maisa is a good-hearted wqnsapanataym who has been insecure all her whole life because of her rough and frizzy hair. Through the help of a magical star, Caloy is able to get everything he asks for including the promotion he has always wanted.