It is generally agreed that the Bayt al Hikma was modeled on the Royal Library of the Sasanian Empire that chiefly contained Persian lore, reports about wars, and epics of love and romance. The subjects that these bureaucrats had to master to be able to discharge their duties were essentially practical matters like accounting, surveying, engineering, and time keeping, etc. The Kashmir Question has now entered its last but one phase; both, as a dispute between India and Pakistan and as a problem between the Kashmiris. With the withering away of idealistic politics and the advent of commerce-based politics and expensive elections, politicians in both the developed and developing worlds have increasingly become dependent on donations from industrialists to finance their elections. Synopsis This show is different from the music reality shows happened in the past. The seventh season of the Pakistani music television series Coke Studio premiered on 21 September In the backdrop of rising trade relations among various parts of the Islamic regions which engendered prosperity, the removal of barriers of race, language and religion, the human mind was set free to think the highest thoughts and dream the biggest dreams.

Their Emperors had Greeks locked away in dungeons lest they soil the mind of a righteous Christian. What is incontestable is that during a tour of West Kashmir on 7 November Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto of- fered the area choice between its present status and as a Province of Pakistan. Because of the absence of such a social ownership, Urdu translations remained a dead letter as it were. Progress was achieved gradually in stages. What prevails is a farce in the guise of democracy. He had good reason for the confidence. Taking into account that a wage and salary job in poor regions may still not ensure all the components of a decent job, it becomes understandable that only a minority of working people have a job that is well paid, respects their fundamental rights and ensures some security in case of job loss. It is a very very difficult situation and as I keep saying it is a sensitive issue.

The problem with any initiative that involves contribution from donor countries has been historically fraught with danger. It is vitally important that the entire local government structure created by Musharraf along with the self-serving police episove be dismantled. First, identify the geographic regions of Kashmir that need resolution. It is about the people who are the final arbiters of their destiny and for whose welfare the elected leaders must devote themselves.


Penultimate Phase It would require ingenuity to reconcile the three positions: The ceremony was televised in Pakistan by Hum TV, while Servis returned as a main sponsor of the show. The arguments for democracy have been set forth in three principal forms: Moreover, the typhoons and monsoons that routinely pummel Bangladesh are intensifying because of climate change.


She adds that the soft, malleable coast is vulnerable to the rising seas. The state is as old as recorded history; and political theory is as old as the state itself. Taking a broader measure of poverty, 2. The basic infrastructure and social services must also be provided by the state.

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It was produced by chairman Ghazanfar Ali. Whether it was based on an oral understanding to settle on the basis of the status quo may be con- tested. It was widely popular among children for its humour and fictional storyline.

He has, sad to add, received less acknowledgment of this courageous course than is his due from in- fluential Pakistanis. Member episodr about Rahat Fateh Ali Khan discography: List of Coke Studio Pakistan episodes topic Coke Studio is a Pakistani television series featuring live music performances.

The Library was officially called The House of Wisdom.

It is also the home of the internationally acclaimed Grameen Bank which gave the world the concept of micro-credit. Despite the apparent cohesion displayed by the developed countries, the tone and tenor of statements made by some of their leaders gave the impression of disguised acrimony for the lack of oversight by those whose job it was presumed to be.

As the two exporting countries are eager for this, the consent of India is essential. He who does not know the principles of irrigation, opening access-canals to waterways and stopping breaches; [measuring] the varying length of days, the revolution of the sun, the rising-points [on the horizon] of stars, and the phases of the moon and its influences; [assessing] the standards of measure; surveying in terms of triangles, quadrangles, and polygons of various angles; constructing arched stone bridges, other kinds of bridges, sweeps with buckets, and noria waterwheels on waterways; the nature of the instruments used by artisans and craftsmen; and the details of accounting.

The summits at Yekaterinburg on 16 June and at Sharmel Sheikh on 16 July yielded little result. The Muslims themselves were unaware of it, and probably still are, mired as they have been in a slumber of the colonized and the deracinated.

The arrogance of those who object to such comparison is unwarranted. In comparing the performance of investment in East Asia and South Asia, despite the huge gap in the quantity of investment in the two regions, SACEPS found that low growth rate, shallow credit and financial markets, high proportion of dependent population, high level of public dis-saving and lower level of FDI are the main factors responsible.


Member feedback about Total Siyapaa: Islam is the official religion of Bangladesh. From 4th Hum Awards onwards, the category was inducted in the Viewers Choice Awards, where winner are selected by public votings. The 18 February election finally presented the people of Pakistan an opportunity to give their verdict. It has also identified the need for the special training for the labor force to be sent abroad.

The presidential electoral body was reconstituted and restricted to the National Assembly, the Senate and the Provincial Assemblies sitting together. What prevails is a farce in the guise of democracy. The former talks of greater autonomy; the latter of self-rule.

The county lost about two million metric tons of rice 7.

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We can see the importance of this frlendskorner between translation and the immediate adoption of its product by the failure of successive translation movements in the history of Urdu language. While legislation in the Federal List was only the prerogative of the Federation, the Concurrent List was open to both the Provinces and the federation with equal right to frame laws.

A cycle of frequent political breakdowns and resultant long spells of military rule disabled our institutional framework unleashing a culture of political opportunism. Ansari now Vice-President, on good governance and M. Besides the support of the political and social elite, scientists and scholars of all groups commissioned translations of Greek texts for their practice and research.

She also co-hosted a popular children’s music program “Aangan Aangan Taray”. The balance of power was thus blatantly in favour of the president. Fariha Pervez topic Fariha Pervez Urdu: Europe and the US were considered as developed and the other areas of the world were considered as primitive versions of European nations that would develop by stages.