Since I’m a noona myself Good Job to the producers and the actors!!! Love of my Life. Do check it out here. Because their eyes DID all the talking. Young looks up at Gongmin and gives a little smile. His presence and the kink it throws into everyone’s plans is pretty much moving the non-romance part of this drama along. Together, he and his team solve murder cases.

The push and pull between the good and bad guys is killing me! Please encourage them by leaving a comment below! I just looked it up online as it says Imja is old korean word meaning “honey”. Then I remembered how Jo Il-shin has continued to show distaste for Young all this time. A bribery scandal turns into a huge test of loyalty for a king and his woodalchi, and the closer Eun-soo gets to finding her way home, it starts to dawn on our couple how little time they might have left together. I’m pretty happy with the introduction of a non-mustache twirling villain.

Deok Heung suddenly comes into the room, asking if she figured out something, and Eun-soo gets up rapidly, flustered. ES starts her own Mary Kay business in Goryeo!

The Revolutioner: Faith Ep 14 Raw/Eng Subs Lee Min Ho Korean Drama

This gets tiresome after a while, unless a great story or acting or fast pace accompanies the sensory overloads. He has his all his soldiers out all over the country just to find Eun-soo.


He gives it to her. Eum-ja threatens a worker to find out where she is. Hyun Bin is so beautiful…inside and out! Earth shattering does not have to be all-consuming. Because of what his father said, right? MargaretB Faithh 25, at Why share such an epic love story to only tear them apart at the end???? He knows episofe putting poison in the pages of the diary is an effective and convenient way of getting ES in his hand err shall I say paws?

Another remarkable thing about Faith is that all those sweet gestures were played out so well. SH September 25, thf 9: And it is these relationships that make you obsess with Faith. I have to go find that thread then!

The Great Doctor

I had watched it 2 times so far and may be more. They keep going, in search of Eun-soo. But Eun-soo is sure that Young will come. I also had hoped the scene would linger a little bit longer and found it a lil too abrupt when they cut to the next one.

And the way Young let himself touch her shadow as she talked about all of this being something that would disappear at daylight?

He tells them to decide thhe either throw him in prison or take him at his word, and walks out. Think of it as halfway to banmal. Korean Drama – yhe Episodes Set at an art institute, Lead of a band group falls in love with a student who plays a traditional Korean instrument.


Not only they look good together, they are perfect for each other in this drama. Hey at least we still have the novel.

A very troublesome bunch but still so loyal and adorable! The only thing I like him in is BOF.

Recap: “Faith” Episode 14

He is such a good friend to her! Young agrees and looks at Eun-soo. This one never get to air or some say was just a trial shooting. Aw man, this was not the layout I was hoping for when Man-bo gave them one room.

So we relish those sweet, short moments of peace and happiness that this couple has.

Hmmm…how do I explain our collaborative process? Btw, the OTP turned into a real life love story. The woodalchi capture the guard, and the mole is brought to her knees.