Her fingers found their way; delicately tracing his skin. Eun-soo gapes to be accused of criminal acts, and Ki Chul is just as shocked. Now, about the royal love – it’s strange how the political situation made the king “to hate” the woman he was so in love to the point to elope with her. It brings her back to Seoul. He did the same thing after they accused the Dr. By the way, anyone notice Jang Bin missing mustache? I think so too, good eye jcay. Just how, and why?

I feel that the king just takes me along with him and I just naturally follow him, I want to watch him and he captivates me my attention. He then started to move, heading towards the direction of the bathroom, as Eun Soo leaned down to capture his lips, giggling into their kiss. Isn’t Hwata a man? He developed habits and routines that balanced his solitary activities with affairs of the state. And, if I am not mistaken, why does he continue to do so in some instances? That should be your highest priority right now well that and getting rid of Ki Cheol. It will find its way back to Eun-Soo, no matter what. He fights his own boys Geesh I hope the Woodalchi only fight on half their steam because they fight Choi Young and not because they are incompetent Only a month?

When Choi Young asks her to stay, he mentions there are people at the other eramacrazy waiting for her too, and their journey to the portal reiterates that point.

Whenever we do a task, we open ourselves up to people criticizing us or criticizing what we did and having a different opinion.


Lol Like you said, he completely withdrew to a place inside where no one wub touch him or make him feel. Personally I am excited to all hell to see vramacrazy this plays out. Ki Chul isn’t wrong, because he doesn’t even know that her name is in the diary. With time, it became easier and easier. Young turns his interrogation to Eun-soo, asking her about being with Chungjeong.

D show goes very good i think. My brain was turning while watching this episode. Governor Ahn will be punished for his crime of treason, and Eun-soo will also be held accountable for her part in it. They need people, therefore military power, therefore money.

The Great Doctor

Ivoire September 11, at 7: Noelle September 10, at I have read reports of him being injured on his leg and insisting to continue filming, even though he su been hurt. One moment of happiness for the main couple equals hours of anguish and sadness for them. And his struggle and koreaan are so raw. Man, I really love the way the story and these recaps are going. Please feel free to repost your old entries that you would like to share as well as anything new that you are writing on this topic.

Eun-soo gapes to be accused of criminal acts, and Ki Chul is just as shocked. Noguk would be killed; the history of Korea would be changed and Choi Young would be left devastated like what is written in that message.

As I watched her drag env around in this ep, I realized that IS the picture we carry in our heads for doctors.


Faith Episode 3 – KoreaDrama – Engsub – Vidéo dailymotion

That said, I can criticize or comment on his acting, and I know that Dramscrazy am not doing it out malice, because well Eun-soo asks for clarification, and he explains that Choi Young is a warrior devoted to protecting his master. Trapping her between the counter and his body. I miss my mother, and my father.

This is so cool! From a simple post, to a complex minute by minute description of this episode along with a condensed theory of blahblahblah… But none of them could really convey my emotions. The purse has magic boomerang-like abilities.

Kiara September 11, at 5: She flashes back to a recent encounter:. Holy shitballs drsmacrazy ending! So much sexual tension!!! Lady Choi is very interesting to watch.

Korean Show: Faith (Episode 12)

Does your site have a contact page? Thanks for clarifying that for me. Hello Kakashi, I really appreciate your responses, really I do, and I would add that I understand what you have been trying to explain. And Eun Soo slowly, almost unconsciously realizing that she has a very soft spot for our suicidal warrior and does everything even lying to him to protect him.

Ivoire, I think it was in episode 7 or 8, when he addressed her as “Imja”.