Haha, nah, no 7 year skip or island. This arc ran from chapter 75 to chapter in the manga. Is her hair pink? The air was cold and yet stuffy when Lucy woke, head pounding and hands tied, resting on some kind of tiled floor. Well, that is, other than the fact the intensity and severity is down played such as censoring Erza’s eye loss and pretty much the whole slave thing. BTW, nice rack on Erza while she was chained up! When she officially joins Fairy Tail. Well, it was quite fast paced, still I enjoyed it a lot.

Interesting episode , Good story progressing I really enjoyed it: Letting out a loud laugh, Natsu said, hands on his hips, “Looks like Gramps is using the explosives I lend ‘im! I know it’s been a while. Oh yes, moody pregnant lady chapter. We need to get you out of here…” “What’s wrong with him? Jose was reaching toward her, causing flashes of her father’s raising hand to flutter across her vision. Turning his back to her in fury, the man said, “It seems I forgot to introduce myself. And you need to stay warm… How about I carry you on my back?

We need to get you out of here…” “What’s wrong with him? Hehe, Natsu was a little busy, but yeah, he a dummy.

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Natsu didn’t have to wait, though – I wrote it faster than I posted so he got there before you guys hehe. Tajl yes, moody pregnant lady chapter.

Lucy’s bathing suit, Virgo, Juvia, Natsu and Gray shirtless. Whimpering, the guy repeated, “I really don’t know! Been a crazy week. Snorting, Lucy brushed him off, “What will you do to me if I don’t tell you? Thanks and taip you liked it! It has him that led Erza to find it and join it.


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Why the hell would they change this?? Not bothering to protest further, she let him lift up her legs and hoist her up. Important Future villians Orcaion Seis the main villians of the next two arcs.

Just a set up episode pretty much. But as she fell, stomach in her feet and going so fast she couldn’t even shriek in terror, she heard, ” LUCY!

Fairy Tail Episode 34 Discussion

Sorry to say this, but I will need to start shortening these responses up after this chapter, ’cause my mom is actually complaining about how long the responses take me… hehe…. Your review has been posted. He lived for this.

D It was one of my favorites too! Thank you so much! The boy next to her is Midnight. High school ninja AU. Really enjoyed this episode from start to finish.

Lucy bent her knees, pushed herself up, and jumped off the boat. Episde not THAT creative… hehe. As far as the rites… you’re on the right track, hehe.

I found an entrance underwater. By the way who are you? She trusted him enough to jump to her death in faith that he znime be there.


Juvia is the best hahaha but this was a good episode. The return of the mediocre group fight animations was surprising but I guess the budget is saved for the better parts. What are you talking about? Can’t have a Fairy Tail without Gajeel!

And she wasn’t just Lucy; he was Natsu’s girl, and he’d be damned if that didn’t mean something to him, whether or not it meant anything to her. I wonder what happened to her eye and how did it heal?

He hadn’t had a fight this good in a long time. Actions Add to Community Report Tial. Only having coughing fits now, haha. They weren’t in the chapter of that part.

Aw, man, I feel ya… Guest: Natsu wiped his cheek with his arm, muttering, “Man, he’s tough. Just keep piling up the Rave Master fanservice Mashima -I’m trying to forget the manga as much as possible, so I don’t know how much they censored Erza’s eye loss, but the implication was still there. It was weird not having Fairy Tail last week, but at least it was a good episode.

Natsu didn’t exactly know where he was going – he was just going by the faint, calming scent of cherryblossom honey.

So I’m giving this a thumbs up.