Natsu, Lucy, and Happy set out on a mission to Mount Hakobe to collect magic ice with abnormal properties. After Doranbalt erases the guild’s memories of Lumen Histoire, Makarov unveils an invisible Fairy Tail emblem on Doranbalt’s shoulder, revealing him to be a guild member who erased his own memories to infiltrate the Magic Council. Despite Igneel seemingly defeating Acnologia as well, Face’s countdown reaches zero. After Natsu returns Leo to the spirit world, the wizards discover Ophiuchus reciting a ritual chant in his place. Lucy discovers her future self’s notebook among the rubble. When Fairy Tail visits Saber Tooth, the Council cancels the exchange program and requests the two guilds to investigate a mysterious island that has risen from the sea. After Natsu destroys a statue in the temple, a thirteenth gate appears in Astral Spiritus, which Hisui and Arcadios decide to investigate.

The Magic Council discusses Tartaros’s recent activity and the decrease in dark guilds under its jurisdiction. A series of abnormal weather and natural disasters occurs across the world, keeping everyone in Fairy Tail busy. Heruzu Koa ” Japanese: Happy later returns to Fairy Tail’s guildhall to warn about what has happened, including the location of their base, a floating, cubical island. While panicking, Gray hears Ultear’s voice encouraging him and regains his composure, preparing himself to fight Doriath and save the village. Fairy Tail and the other wizards begin to argue over letting Yukino join their respective guilds, resulting in a massive brawl.

Gajeel and Panther Lily are transformed into small animals by Gemini during their battle with the twin spirits, but Gajeel eventually discovers he can still use his magic and easily knocks them out. Zettai no Akuma ” Japanese: Akuma Tensei ” Japanese: During their final match—a horseback battle on a minefield—Erza defeats Sagittarius by riding on his back and forcing him onto a cluster of mines. Meanwhile, Sagittarius challenges Erza to three horseriding contests: However, she declines Lucy’s invitation to join Fairy Tail, epieode everyone.

However, they encounter tal conspiracy involving a time machine called Eclipse and the imminent destruction of the kingdom.

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Despite his ailing condition from their previous encounter, Laxus defeats Tempester and retrieves a sample of his blood, which he gives to Gajeel to deliver to Porlyusica and create funimatikn antidote for himself, the Raijin Tribe, and Yajima. The force of their attacks sends the executioners crashing into each other, and the wizards quickly regroup as Natsu threatens the executioners to show them the dungeon’s exit.


After Gray collapses, Natsu enters a natural Dragon Force state and performs one final onslaught on Mard Geer, but he runs out magic ttail to continue fighting the demon. Focusing on Natsu and the others who have been frozen in time for seven years on Sirius Island, the members continue to participate in the Grand Magic Games, an annual competition to decide the Kingdom of Fiore’s strongest guild.

Lucy returns home to learn from Erza, Wendy, and Carla that Natsu and Gray have not returned from a job, only to later find the two bickering as usual.

Franmalth takes on the comically distorted form of Hades, Grimoire Heart’s master, using the dark wizard’s formidable magic against Natsu and Lucy. To the horror of everyone present, dragons from the distant past suddenly begin to emerge from the gate, which has been sabotaged by Rogue’s future self to remain open under the eclipsed moon.

After Doranbalt erases the guild’s memories of Lumen Histoire, Makarov unveils an invisible Fairy Tail emblem on Elisode shoulder, revealing him to be a guild member who erased his own memories to infiltrate the Magic Council.

Fairy Tail (Official Dub) – Watch cartoons online, Watch anime online, English dub anime

Seirei Dekki ” Japanese: Meanwhile, the Magic Council initiates a member exchange program between episoode guilds that participated in the Grand Magic Games; Natsu volunteers as one of the exchange members, interested in asking about Kemo-Kemo’s origins across Fiore. Later, Fairy Tail’s other teams find that their assigned council members have already been killed. Their argument allows Torafuzar yail flood the area with toxic water to kill the wizards.

The next day, Juvia exchanges apologies with Gray and gives him a dakimakura of herself as a th-day anniversary gift.

Ultear decides to atone for her lifelong misdeeds by fakry the spell to avert the dragons’ arrival in the present. The season contains three story arcs. Meanwhile, the Fairy Tail wizards discover that Tartaros’s headquarters are directly above Dpisode. While the other teams eliminate Quatro Puppy’s team and endanger Fairy Tail’s lead, Fairy Tail’s team remains motionless, to their guild’s confusion.


The city mayor holds Laxus responsible for the tai, due to fighting a street gang prior to the Grand Magic Games. When Hisui tells Darton that Sting’s surrender is the outcome foretold to her, she initiates Eclipse 2, the Eclipse Cannon. Sensing that Face has been deactivated, Franmalth begins absorbing Natsu, Lucy, and Happy’s souls in a fury. Rave Master Edens Zero. After Atlas Flame’s disappearance, Fairy Tail celebrates their mission’s success while Flare is welcomed back by the giants of Sun Village.

Makarov then decides to dissolve the guild.

However, defense minister Darton opposes the plan for the radical changes it would have on the timeline, and he has Arcadios, Yukino, and Lucy captured for their involvement. Phoenix Priestess Dragon Cry.

The twelve Zodiac spirits appear before Lucy with their appearances and personalities drastically altered, and their memories of Lucy erased. As the dragon slayers fight each dragon, Wendy encounters Zirconis, whom she is reluctant to fight.

They soon discover Franmalth embedded in Happy’s funimahion and force him to take them to Tartaros’s main control room. Kagura recognizes Erza as a girl from her past; a flashback shows Erza rescuing Kagura during a raid on their hometown, Rosemary Village, from the cult of Zeref worshipers responsible for enslaving her and Simon.

To their dread, they all recognize it as Acnologia, who wreaks destruction as he descends on the two guilds. Cana uses her Gildarts card to defeat Scorpio. Saigo no Ikkiuchi ” Japanese: Doriath is subsequently devoured by his and Minerva’s giant, one-eyed bird mount.